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Philip Paley (b. 1963)

Cha-Ka, Land of the Lost.

Working in the Internet; pursuing a college degree in English (circa 1999).


  • Did not grow up, as rumored, to be Sugar Ray guitarist Rodney Sheppard. (Apparently Sheppard started that rumor himself.)
  • Said Cha-Ka's cave-boy costume was "hot" and "itchy."

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Him Need Rogaine?
    "It was at this now-defunct Wolfgang Puck restaurant on the Westside, a few years ago. The kid who played Cha-Ka was the barkeep. ... He still looked like Cha-ka, but less hair." (Posted: February 1997)


  • Land of the
  • Kidvid70s: Land of the Lost
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    Articles by FORMER CHILD STAR CENTRAL editor Joal Ryan:

  • "Bogus Cha-Ka Comes Clean" (E! Online, 1999)

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