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Butch Patrick (b. 1953)

Eddie Munster, The Munsters; Mark, Lidsville.

Available for Halloween parties.


  • Runs the Munsters archival/ecommerce site,
  • Quit show business after Lidsville tipped its hat in 1973.
  • Formed Eddie and the Monsters, a band sort-of known for the 1980s single, "Whatever Happened to Eddie?"
  • Proud owner of Eddie Munster's original Woof-Woof doll.
  • Proud seller of replicate Woof-Woof dolls.
  • Dated Lisa Loring of Munsters rival, The Addams Family.
  • Some sources list his birth year as 1957; Patrick, on his own Website, cites 1953.

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Just So Long As He Doesn't Drop Calls...
    "I bought my very first cell phone from Butch Patrick when he was working at a cell phone company in Culver City, California. He asked if he could help me, and was wearing a Munsters T-shirt at the time. To make conversation, I asked him if he was a show groupie and was a fan. He said, 'Fan? I was on the show.' Like an idiot I asked, who did you play? He answered, 'Lily Munster,' and we all bust out laughing. Then I figured out it was him. I remember thinking later: From child star to cell phone salesman... Hmm, quite a drop in status." (Posted: January 2006)
  • Sometimes You Want to Go Where Every Munster Knows Your Name...
    "I was at a bar called Spinners in Union City, Georgia, and had a drink at the bar when a guy sits down next to me, and, lo and behold, it's Butch Patrick. Anyway, I knew who he was, and we talked about his life and mine. I bought him a drink and he bought me one. We talked for almost a hour. I always liked his show and he's a nice guy." (Posted: March 2002)
  • Some Habits Die Hard
    "About a couple of years ago at a sci-fi convention in Dallas ... I was getting a comic book autographed, when lo and behold, right behind me in the dunking booth was none other than Eddie Munster [actor Butch Patrick]. He was coaxing the ball-thrower to dunk him, which to my delight [the guy] did. I think [Patrick] was selling his werewolf doll, the type he was always carrying with him on the show." (Posted: March 1999)
  • There Are No Small Roles
    "A couple years ago I was leaving a grocery store and happened to glance at the community cork board. There was a flyer announcing that Butch Patrick would be performing at one of the community centers. He was doing a comedy routine involving puppets." (Posted: June 1998)


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