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Paul Petersen (b. 1945)

Jeff Stone, The Donna Reed Show.

Founder of the child-actor advocacy group, A Minor Consideration.


  • Brother of Patty Petersen, his onetime Donna Reed costar.
  • One of the original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers (1955).
  • Forced to turn in his Mouske-ears after Walt Disney deigned he was too boisterous.
  • As a teen idol, recorded six albums. Scored a million-seller with the 1962 single, "My Dad."
  • By his own count, accumulated 20 cars, five homes and 30 TV sets at the height of his Donna Reed fame. "And, you know, without the cash flow," he told Former Child Stars author Joal Ryan, "everything came apart."
  • Given a life-changing pep talk by Mickey Rooney.
  • Author of several books, including Walt, Mickey and Me, a 1977 memoir.
  • Tried, in vain, to intervene with troubled former child stars River Phoenix and Dana Plato.


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