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Melanie Watson (b. 1968)

Arnold's wheelchair-aided pal Kathy Gordon, Diff'rent Strokes.

Founder/executive director of Train Rite, an organization that trains shelter dogs to serve the disabled.


  • Now known professionally as Melanie Bernhardt.
  • Afflicted with osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease in which a person's bones fracture easily, per reader Don Barie.
  • Appeared on five Diff'rent Strokes episodes, her only screen credits, per

    Sightings (submitted by you, the fans):

  • Pedestrians Beware
    "The girl [Melanie Watson], I think her name was Kathy on Diff'rent Strokes, went to the same high school I did. This was back in 1983-84, and we went to Dana Hills High School in Dana Point, California -- also the same school Nicole Brown Simpson went to. ... I do know that [Watson] practically used to run people down with her wheelchair in the halls." (Posted: January 1998)


  • Train Rite
  • Sitcoms Online: Diff'rent Strokes
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