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Jaleel White (b. 1976)

Dead-solid-perfect nerd Steve Urkel, Family Matters.

Very much alive writer/producer/actor.


  • Did not commit suicide in 2005. Or 2006. Really.
  • Loves him some hoops.
  • Starred in one post-Urkel sitcom, Grown Ups (1999-2000).
  • Has no writing or producing credits on the Internet Movie Database, which doesn't mean he's not writing and producing; it just means that the IMDb doesn't know about the gigs, or that they're as-yet unproduced (2007).
  • Made primetime debut, at age 7, on The Jeffersons (1984).
  • Graduate of UCLA film school (2001).


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  • Wikipedia: Steve Urkel
  • Family Matters fan site
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