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Adam Beach, a Saulteaux born in Ashern, Manitoba, Canada, is becoming a well-known face to Canada and, especially after his movie "Smoke Signals" won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival, a known face to the whole world. Born in 1972, Adam's life changed completely with the death of his mother followed shortly by the death of his father. Forced to move to Winnipeg, Manitoba Adam was introduced to the hardships of city life. Adam, as a young teenager, enjoyed theatre and music (his short-lived garage band Lethic covered hard stuff like Black Sabbath). After sampling acting in a movie "Lost in the Barrens" with Graham Greene, Adam knew acting was for him. From this point on Adam acted in movies and shows and landed the lead role in Disney's "Squanto" and a very significant and memorable role as Frank Fencepost in "Dance Me Outside." Adam is not just an actor. He is a dating man with two children, Noah and Luke, from a previous marriage. Adam Beach's movie roles are ever increasing and he is definitely a name to remember.

Name: Adam Beach
Birthday: November 11, 1972
Birthplace: Ashern, Manitoba
Wife: ex-Meredith Porter, currently dating Tara Mason
Children: Noah (b. 1996), Luke (b. 1998)
Current Residence: Moving To Los Angeles
Favourite Music: Adam likes all sorts of music like The Beatles, Billy Idol, Cat Stevens, John Denver, oh... and the hard stuff. The music should connect with emotions and thoughts.
Check out this site for all his acting roles!

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