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UPDATE AGAIN - Feb 10, 2002
Oh my... two updates in one month? Just wanted to let people know I will be updating this site in the next little while.... making it a little more managable :) Oh oh oh.... AND... new info. Yay!

UPDATE - February 2, 2002

Sooo... I wasn't going to update this... I was going to leave it as a shrine but ... I had a request for an update so I'll write some stuff.
* Darrell Dennis has married Tamara Podemski (Little Margaret "Dance Me Outside," Lucy "The Rez")
* He is also staring in a commercial for... H&R Black? Keep your eyes out!
* Darrell is doing some Second City work in Toronto. Check out this site (scroll down a bit) for his bio.

* He is also currently hosting Bingo and a Movie on APTN.

Darrell Dennis and the Bingo Caller

UPDATE-January 15, 2000
Darrell's play The Trickster of 3rd Avenue East is showing in Toronto starting Thursday, January 20th and running until early February. Ryan Black (Dance Me Outside, The Rez), Michelle St. John (Smoke Signals) and Billy Merasty (Liberty Street) star in this play.

Sept 2
Showcase (A Canadian Channel) has picked up "The Rez" to show in rerun. They are starting September 2 and will be on every Thursday at 2:30pm and 8:30pm

A Shrine...a shrine! I think Darrell deserves a page... but I do not have enough info to keep one going full time!!

I decided to change this page after watching Leavning Normal today. Which brings me to my next point! Filmography! Since I finished that and had wee descriptions I shall keep that up! The filmorgraphy I drew up is


And as for pictures! You are.. in luck! I just happen to have a few. I am in no way affiliated with Darrell Dennis and/or his projects. All images are © to Darrell Dennis and the people in the pictures and the tv/movie producers, companies etc. Images are used without permission but with full knowledge that they are to be used for entertainment usages and in no way to be used for profit. If there is a problem, I urge you to e-mail me, Caroline with any problems and I will comply with your wishes.

These next 5 pictures are from The Rez castparty. I "borrowed" them from the Welcome to the Rez website before it was unfortunatly taken down so I do not know how to © them.

That is Tamara Podemski, last I heard, Darrell Dennis' fiancÚ. Go to here to read the Aboriginal Voices article about her which mentions Darrell Dennis and the proposal.

A few pics from the season/seris finale.

Well, that's it from me, I suppose. So, Darrell Dennis if you are out there.. or anyone else for that matter, and you'd like to say hey or something feel free to email me, Caroline

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