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1) The Rez
2) Brothers of the Frontier
3) Leaving Normal
4) Northwood

1) The Rez (1996) - Frank Fencepost

Based on characters first introduced in W.P. Kinsella's renowned short-story collection, Dance Me Outside, which also inspired Bruce McDonald's 1994 movie of the same name, The Rez is a whimsical romp through the misadventures of nineteen-year-old Silas Crow, his buddies and family on the Kidiabanasee First Nations reserve. In six episodes, the series explores the highs and lows of life on the reserve as seen through the eyes of its motley and eccentric cast of characters. Whether planning their own funerals, organizing golf tournaments, throwing stag parties, moving out to the big city, or promoting tapioca-pudding wrestling, Kidiabanasee's residents know that life is a swift sequence of events whose meaning is not always crystal clear. Neither a sitcom-although funny and offbeat-nor a political tract-although often provocative-The Rez is a splendidly entertaining, well-told drama about the absurdities and joys of ordinary life.
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2) Brothers of the Frontier (1996)-?

I can't find a damn plot summary!! I remember seeing it but that was before I knew of Darrell... 3 brothers in the past... get lost 'cause teir raft crashes somewhere away from their parents... have to have an adventure.. meet some Native people somewhere (that's probably where Darrell comes in)...and get reunited in the end. That's all I can remember.. I can't even remember why I watched it. Now that I want to see it for Darrell it'll never be on again... alas.

3) Leaving Normal (1992) -Clyde

Set in the small town of Normal, Wyoming, Marianne (Tilly) and Darly (Lahti) are an unlikely pair who, as fate would have it, somehow end up together. Marianne, recently discharged from the Army, has come home to Normal to live with her abusive husband. His unpredictable rages leave her cowering in the kitchen on several occasions. Finally, when she realizes he might one day kill her, she leaves, hitching up with Darly, and ex-stripper by the name of Pillow Talk. Why they decide to leave for Alaska together is never made clear, admittedly. But the pair work well together, each bringing a strength into the relationship that the other is lacking. Enroute to Alaska, the pairís friendship is continuously tested. There are encounters with men (none of whom they kill), surly waitresses, gas station attendants, and various Eskimo lads. You get the feeling that Alaska is simply a place they picked out on a map and that once they get there, well, they might just keep on driving. This, perhaps more than anything else, is where the genius of the movie lies. The momentum of the film leaves you winded at times, and frustrated at others. But in the end you realize that the pairís trip from Normal is like a metaphor for life in many ways. The destination is not always as important as the characters you meet along the way. And, like life, to really find any peace you have to know when to stop searching for something better and learn to love what it is you already have.
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4) Northwood (1991-1993) -Brian

I don't know the plot but I have keywords!!! drugs, high-school, pregnancy, prostitution, soap, teen-pregnancy, teen, university and college. So, to me, since I never have seen it, it sounds like a 90210 type show but it's better 'cause it's Canadian! Oh.. it was filmed in British Columbia.

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