My Personal Info

I am currently serving as the Director of External Affairs for the Associated Students Inc. of California State University, San Bernardino. I also serve as the External Vice Chair of the California State Student Association.

Last year, I served as the Student Trustee of the San Bernardino Community College District, and as the Region IX Representative to the California Student Association of Community Colleges. It was very rewarding serving on a board that activly represented over 1.45 million Community College students within the state. I hope I can do as well this year representing the 340,000 California State University system students.

I am looking forward to an interesting year. Besides running for office, I am also doing conference workshops now. If you know of any student groups who need a speaker, please let me know. My fees are very reasonable and I have excellent refrences. If you you would like to contact me please send email to either of the addresses on the front page. I do return all email. I would also like you to sign my guest book on the front page. I really enjoy seeing who has visited the page.

My Resume if your intersted

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