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Brian Wilson Concert--January 20, 2002

Brian Wilson
Annexet, Stockholm, Sweden
January 20, 2002

The contributor writes: "I just came home from the concert! WHAT A SHOW! Iīve seen Brian 5 times in the States, but this was something extraordinary! The superb setlist, his voice - he was doing some REALLY good vocal parts, Heroes and Villains, Forever, Donīt Talk, God Only Knows just to mention a few - it was as beautiful as (... my english is to bad to express my feelings...), he was talking and joking with the audience quite a lot of times - after seeing the poor result when he asked the audience to light their cigarette lighters he said: "OK now weīre in Europe. Youīre all non smokers..." Isnīt it brave to start the first ever European tour with Brian Wilson/īTil I Die...?"

It is interesting to note that Darlin' & Marcella are paired together at the end of the very first set; this was a powerful pair on the Beach Boys' 1973 "In Concert" album. Also fairly new to the setlist are "Meant For You" and "Friends". "All Summer Long" has been dropped to the setlist, and "Help Me Rhonda" moves to the encore.

Main Vocalist:

Brian Wilson

Backup band included:

Jeffrey Foskett (Guitar, vocals, banjo, percussion)
Bob Lizik (Bass, vocals)
Paul Mertens (Woodwinds, Harmonica, vocals, bass harmonica, bass flute, flute, piccolo, sax)
Darian Sahanaja (Keyboards, vibraphone, vocals)
Nik Wonder (Guitar, vocals)
Probyn Gregory (Guitar, French horn, trumpet, vocals, Tannerin)
Taylor Mills (vocals)
Scott Bennett (vocals, keyboards, vibraphone, quiro, bicycle horn, tambourine)
Jim Hines (drums)
Andy Paley (percussion, vibes, piano)


1. Brian Wilson
2. 'Til I Die
3. Dance Dance Dance
4. In My Room
5. The Little Girl I Once Knew
6. California Girls
7. Do It Again
8. Your Imagination
9. Lay Down Burden (dedicated to Carl)
10. Forever (dedicated to Dennis)
11. Sail On, Sailor
12. I Get Around
13. Add Some Music
14. Please Let Me Wonder
15. Desert Drive (Brian introduced Andy Paley)
16. Meant For You
17. Friends
18. Our Prayer
19. Heroes And Villains
20. Surfīs Up
21. Darlinī
22. Marcella

Set 2:
23. Wouldnīt It Be Nice
24. You Still Believe In Me
25. Thatīs Not Me
26. Donīt Talk
27. Iīm Waiting For The Day
28. Letīs Go Away For Awhile
29. Sloop John B
30. God Only Knows
31. I Know Thereīs An Answer
32. Here Today
33. I Just Wasnīt Made For These Times
34. Pet Sounds
35. Caroline, No
36. Good Vibrations

Encore 1:
37. Surfer Girl
38. Help Me, Rhonda
39. Barbara Ann (Brian plays bass)
40. Surfin USA
41. Fun, Fun, Fun

Encore 2:
42. Love And Mercy

Contributed by: Markus Aberg, additional info STE, setlist correction Sean Courtney

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