Beach Boys Concert--October 27, 1978

Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
October 27, 1978

Contributor Roger Ryan writes: "The most memorable event during the concert was Brian's departure from the stage...midway through "Back Home", the sixth song of the set. Brian, dressed in his blue jogging suit, had been playing bass and singing back-up for the first five numbers. Then he took the lead vocal on "Back Home". In the middle of the second verse, he suddenly stopped singing, took off his bass, looked back at the other band members, pointed to his ear and abruptly left the stage. Mike quickly stepped up to the microphone and finished singing lead. After the song was completed, Mike told the audience that Brian was hungover from drinking too much the night before and couldn't hack it. "C'mon everybody", Mike announced, "let's 'boo' Brian!" The crowd responded with a few half-hearted boos as Mike added his own "Boo! Hiss!". Brian did not reappear the rest of the night. Later in the set, a visibly drunken Dennis either left the drumkit by his own volition or at the "suggestion" of one of the other band members. He, too, departed the stage, but returned for the encore. "The return of Dennis Wilson, ladies and gentlemen!" proclaimed Al as Dennis ran onto the stage carrying a broom. He jumped on top of the piano and, holding the sweeper like a machine gun, pretended to fire bullets into the audience. This led directly to a croaking, drunken version of "You Are So Beautiful". The set was spirited and well-performed, but obviously marred by the interpersonal conflicts that have become legendary with the group. "

Beach Boys present:

Mike Love
Al Jardine
Brian Wilson
Dennis Wilson
Carl Wilson
Bruce Johnston

Backup band PROBABLY included:

Ed Carter
Charles Lloyd
Sterling Smith
Bobby Figueroa
Phil Shenale
Carly Munoz


1. California Girls
2. Sloop John B.
3. Little Deuce Coupe
4. Do It Again
5. In My Room
6. Back Home (Brian sings lead for the first third before abruptly leaving stage)
7. God Only Knows
8. Be True To Your School
9. It's OK
10. Peggy Sue
11. Darlin'
12. Catch A Wave


13. Almost Summer
14. Cruisin'
15. Lady Lynda
16. Everyone's In Love With You
17. All This Is That
18. Country Pie
19. Heroes And Villains
20. Surfer Girl
21. Help Me Rhonda
22. Wouldn't It Be Nice
23. Surfin' U.S.A


24. You Are So Beautiful (sung by Dennis atop the piano holding a broom)
25. Rock And Roll Music
26. I Get Around
27. Good Vibrations
28. Barbara Ann
29. Fun, Fun, Fun

Contributed by: Roger Ryan

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