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5th Annual Carl Wilson Foundation Benefit Concert--October 6, 2002

5th Annual Carl Wilson Foundation Benefit Concert
Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
October 6, 2002

This was the setlist for the opening acts of the fifth annual Carl Wilson Foundation benefit concert. Brian was the final performer of the night. For his portion of the setlist, visit this direct link.

Backup band included:

Jeffrey Foskett
Bob Lizik
Paul Mertens
Darian Sahanaja
Nik Wonder
Probyn Gregory
Taylor Mills
Scott Bennett
Jim Hines
Mikey D'Amico


In Bloom:
1. Chet
2. Madness
3. My Rizzy (Dedicated to Carl)

The Wondermints:
4. Ride (with Brian Wilson)

Matthew Sweet (with Brian's band):
5. You Still Believe In Me

Matthew Sweet (with Van Dyke Parks band):
6. Wings Of A Dove
7. Sail Away

Carnie and Wendy Wilson (with Brian's Band):
8. 'Til I Die
9. This Whole World

Sugar Ray:
10. Every Morning
11. Fly
12. Do It Again (with Carnie & Wendy Wilson)

Eric Clapton:
13. Stormy Monday
14. Layla

Contributed by: Julie Erickson, additional info Doug Schenker, corrections Margaret Dowdle-Head

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