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Brian Wilson Concert--December 13, 2002

Brian Wilson
State Theatre, Sydney, Australia
December 13, 2002

David Leach writes: "Taylor was still a little tender on her ankle, but all still had fun (at her). On Thursday nights show, towards the end, everyone was getting carried away with standing ovations. For Fridays show the first thing Brian mentioned was not to stand up, at all. Friday night was an older audience than his 2 previous AUS shows. Women in their mid-forties were dancing their way down the front, and were swiftly whipped by some so-called security guards. There was even a drunk lady in the front row, directly in front of Brian, trying to out do his actions. Next to me, there was some guy in his sixties telling me the difference between a Xylophone and a Vibraphone... who cares.

Brian was a little ahead of everyone. He would have already introduced the next song before the guys were ready. Scott Bennett then approached Brian to stall for a few minutes so he could set up, so then he did his routine cigarette lighter check. Later in the show Jeff needed some time. By this time, Brian had used all his stalling devices, so without warning to the band, he says 'How well can you sing Row Row Row Your Boat?'. This song was performed 3 times, twice during the Pet Sounds set. Jeff then popped the question 'Was this on the original recording, Brian?' Brian answered without hesitation 'No'."

Main Vocalist:

Brian Wilson

Backup band included:

Jeffrey Foskett (Guitar, vocals, banjo, percussion)
Bob Lizik (Bass, vocals)
Paul Mertens (Woodwinds, Harmonica, vocals, bass harmonica, bass flute, flute, piccolo, sax)
Darian Sahanaja (Keyboards, vibraphone, vocals)
Nik Wonder (Guitar, vocals)
Probyn Gregory (Guitar, French horn, trumpet, vocals, Tannerin)
Taylor Mills (vocals)
Scott Bennett (vocals, keyboards, vibraphone, quiro, bicycle horn, tambourine)
Jim Hines (drums)
Mikey D'Amico (vocals, percussion, guitar)


Set 1:

1. You're Welcome
2. 'Til I Die
3. Dance, Dance, Dance
4. Don't Worry Baby
5. I Get Around
6. In My Room
7. Good Timin'
8. California Girls
9. Add Some Music To Your Day
10. Your Imagination
11. Melt Away
12. Please Let Me Wonder
13. Sail On Sailor
14. You're So Good To Me
15. Meant For You
16. Friends
17. Our Prayer
18. Heroes & Villains (Cantina Version)
19. Marcella
20. Do It Again

Set 2: 21. Wouldn't It Be Nice
22. You Still Believe In Me
23. That's Not Me
24. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
25. I'm Waiting For The Day
26. Let's Go Away For Awhile
27. Sloop John B
28. God Only Knows
29. Hang On To Your Ego
30. Here Today
31. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
32. Pet Sounds
33. Caroline No
34. Good Vibrations

Encore 1: 35. Little Saint Nick
36. Surfer Girl
37. Barbara Ann
38. Help Me Rhonda
39. Surfin' USA
40. Fun, Fun, Fun

Encore 2:
41. Love & Mercy

Contributed by: "KURI"(Minoru Kuribayashi), Toshiko & Saeko, David Leach

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