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Al Jardine Concert--December 16, 2004

Red Barn Holiday Jam
Al Jardine
Red Barn Studios, Big Sur, CA
December 16, 2004

A little-publicized show sponsored by the Big Sur Arts Initiative at Al's recording studio. Proceeds for this benefit concert went to the Big Sur JazzMasters clinic. A nearly-sold out crowd of 125. Other artists included Bruce & Pamela Formanís CowBop, Alan Boyd, Stephen Kalinich, and Hey Stevie. Hey Stevie was Al's back-up band for his performance. Here is Les Chan's review as posted on the BBB Message Board.

Archive note: This was quite possibly the first performance of "Christmas Day".

Lead Vocalists:

Al Jardine
Adam Jardine
Steve Heger

Backup band included:

Stevie Heger (vocals, percussion)
Scott Slaughter (vocals, keyboards, and guitar)
Paul Logan (vocals, bass guitar)
Mike Shannon (drums)
Yuji Tujo - lead guitar


--Opening acts Bruce & Pamela Forman, Hey Stevie--

1. California Saga: California (Holland version)
2. California Dreamin' (Stevie on Carl's part)
3. Runaway
4. 409 (Adam)
5. Sloop John B
6. Help Me, Rhonda

--Break for other performers Stephen Kalinich and Alan Boyd--

7. Christmas Day
8. Little Saint Nick
9. California Girls

Contributed by: Les Chan, corrections Les Chan

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