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Adam Marsland's Chaos Band performs the music of Dennis and Carl Wilson--February 5, 2005

Adam Marsland's Chaos Band performs the music of Dennis and Carl Wilson
Brennan's Pub, Marina del Rey, CA
February 5, 2005

This concert was a tribute to the music of Carl and Dennis Wilson, performed on the eve of the anniversary of Carl's passing, and the location of Dennis' passing. Contributor Trisha Campo writes: "The band did an amazing show on Saturday night. The audience was filled with fans and family. Some of the audience where actually there when these songs were written and a couple of them co-wrote a few of the songs. This performance was right on the money and performed by very talented musicians who did Dennis and Carl proud. The band paid close attention to the sound and the audience praised and thanked the band members for an evening of memories and enjoyment. Watch out for this band, they certainly put on a terrific performance."

The audience included: Marilyn Wilson, Daniel Rutherford, Stephen Kalinich, Billy Hinsche, Justyn Wilson, Carl B. Wilson, Michael Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Elliot Kendall, Earle Mankey, Stan Shapiro, Nelson Bragg, Darian Sahanaja, Trisha Campo

Band included:

Adam Marsland - piano, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Evie Sands - guitar, lead and backing vocals
Alan Boyd - piano, keyboards, lead & backing vocals
John Perry - keyboards & backing vocals
Teresa Cowles - bass & vocals
Kurt Medlin - drums
Probyn Gregory - trumpet & banjo
Eric Vesper - percussion


1. River Song
2. Moonshine
3. Angel Come Home
4. Got To Know The Woman
5. Where I Belong
6. What's Wrong
7. Baby Blue
8. Time
9. Little Bird
10. Heaven
11. The Trader
12. Live Again (unreleased song by Dennis Wilson and Stan Shapiro)
13. Long Promised Road
14. Karate
15. Hold Me
16. Sound of Free
17. All I Want To Do
18. Keepin' The Summer Alive
19. Forever
20. Celebrate The News

21. Meanwhile (Alan Boyd)
22. Dance Dance Dance

Contributed by: Trisha Campo, additional info Alan Boyd

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