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Al Jardine & The Endless Summer Band Concert--April 5, 2008

Al Jardine & The Endless Summer Band
Suncoast Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
April 5, 2008

Jared Dalley of Tripsitter became the newest member of the band during this three-day run at Suncoast Casino. This was the second of three consecutive nights at this venue.

Vance Bennett writes: "At one point, Billy Hinsche commented that he had mentioned the night before that 'Don't Worry, Baby' was originally conceived as a song about a soldier going off to war. Roger Christian later converted it to a car song. Al said he wasn't aware of that. Billie said that he called Jeffrey Foskett on the phone to confirm or deny the claim, and Jeff said it was true. Al then said that the original idea would probably be more relevant in this day and age."

Al mentioned during the show that this was the second-ever performance of Honkin Down The Highway, but there was also at least one known performance in 2007.

Beach Boys Present:

Al Jardine

Backup band:

Matt Jardine
Adam Jardine
Billy Hinsche
Bobby Figueroa
Richie Cannata
Ed Carter
Tom Jacob
Jared Dalley


1. California Girls
2. Do It Again
3. Catch A Wave
4. Hawaii
5. I Can Hear Music
6. Come Go With Me
7. Don't Worry, Baby
8. 409
9. Shut Down
10. Little Deuce Coupe
11. I Get Around
12. Sail On, Sailor
13. California Dreamin'
14. California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-I-A)
15. God Only Knows
16. Sloop John B
17. Wouldn't It Be Nice
18. Good Vibrations
19. Kokomo
20. Honkin' Down the Highway
21. Help Me, Rhonda
22. Surfin' USA

23. Fun, Fun, Fun

Contributed by: Myself (Eric Aniversario), Vance Bennett, Rich Panteluk

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