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Beach Boys Concert--May 13, 2007

Trent Arena, Kettering, OH
May 13, 2007

Contributor AfterNothing99 writes: "The Beach Boys were a tad late, so the opening act, a dreadful accapella group called Eleventh Hour, milked their set. The audience was about 65% full, and I would estimate that over half were a good 45 or older. Mike Love sat for the majority of the show, and was a bit somber from songs #4-11, although he perked up. He spilled a cup of water during “Then I Kissed Her.” He plugged the new “Warmth of the Sun” greatest hits with a brief story of how he and Brian wrote the tune. I tried to initiate an ovation for Brian but it didn't take. He prefaced the performance of “Surfer Girl” with a funny comment “This song is for all of the lovely ladies here…that shows you this isn’t the Village People or something!” Bruce Johnston, however, was up and active throughout the entire show and actually was a minor highlight. The three songs played from Pet Sounds sounded great, and Mike added that “Disney Girls” was “a beautiful song that Bruce sings very well.”...The audience favorite was “409.” Another funny incident happened after “I Can Hear Music” when Mike said (after a run of four cover songs) “Here’s a Beach Boys song for a change!”

Beach Boys present:

Mike Love
Bruce Johnston

Backup band:

Chris Farmer
Tim Bonhomme
Mike Kowalski
Randell Kirsch
John Cowsill
Scott Totten
Christian Love


1. California Girls
2. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
3. California Dreamin'
4. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
5. Then I Kissed Her
6. I Can Hear Music
7. God Only Knows
8. Sloop John B
9. Wouldn't It Be Nice
10. Surfer Girl
11. You're So Good To Me
12. The Warmth Of The Sun
13. Disney Girls (1957)
14. Darlin'
15. Little Honda
16. All Summer Long
17. Getcha Back (Christian Love)
18. Don't Worry Baby
19. Be True To Your School
20. Catch A Wave
21. Hawaii
22. Do It Again
23. Little Deuce Coupe
24. 409
25. I Get Around
26. In My Room
27. Good Timin'
28. Good Vibrations (Christian Love)
29. Help Me Rhonda
30. Do You Wanna Dance
31. Barbara Ann
32. Surfin Safari
33. Surfin' USA

34. Kokomo
35. Fun Fun Fun

Contributed by: Afternothing99

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