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David Marks All-Star Beach Party Concert--May 21, 2005

David Marks All-Star Beach Party
Heritage Forum, Anaheim, CA
May 21, 2005

This concert was part of the special Beach Boys Landmark Dedication weekend. The show was very loose and informal, and had a crowd of maybe 300 to 400 people, about half the size of the crowd the day before at the landmark dedication. Security was very lax, and the show was very charming and intimate. Members of the different bands that performed could be found milling around the lobby or outside. Dave Marks himself walked around among the crowd just like a regular guy. He could even be found smoking out by the front entrance before the show. We arrived at about 5:15, and the auditorium was open while the band rehearsed "Don't Worry Baby". No one checked for tickets at any point during the evening's concert. Our seats were great...second row right behind the VIP section, center section right in front of Dave Marks. In the audience: Marilyn Rutherford-Wilson, Alan Boyd, and probably many others I didn't spot.

As for the show itself, the evening was hosted by Fred Vail. Opening acts were the Bobby Z Band, Mad Jones, and Tripsitter. Dave Marks took the stage with his band at about 8:00 pm. The lead vocal assignments had switched around a bit since 2001. There were guest appearances-a-plenty, including John Walker of the Walker Brothers, Eddy Medora of the Sunrays, Matt Wilson (Dennis' 17-year-old grandson), Buzz Clifford, Charlotte Cooper, Eddie Bertrand (we sat right behind him!), and Michael Angeloff. All the guest stars had to plug in their own equipment. There were quite a bit of technical difficulties with microphones and monitors the whole night, but this didn't take away from the enjoyment of the concert very much. Because of time constraints, there was no pause for an encore, and the band went straight through until the end. After Dave Marks' set, a guitar signed by Brian Wilson the previous day was auctioned off for $2550. All in all, a great evening, well worth the $25 per ticket.

Archive note: Because the opening acts went longer than scheduled, the band was unfortunately forced to drop 8 songs from the setlist. Contributor Greg Larson sent in a stage setlist that gives us some clues as to which songs were dropped.

Main Vocalists:

David Marks
Matt Jardine
Bobby Figueroa
Billy Hinsche
Phil Bardowell
Ed Carter

Backup band:

Mike Meros


1. Hawaii (Dave/Matt)
2. Catch A Wave (Billy/Phil)
3. Surfin' Safari (Dave)
4. Surfin' USA (Matt)
5. Surfin' (Dave)
6. Summertime Blues (Dave/Billy)
7. Surfer Girl (Dave on bridge)
8. Unchain My Heart (John Walker*)
9. What'd I Say (John Walker*)
10. Moon Dawg (featuring Eddie Bertrand*)
11. 409 (Dave)
12. Shut Down (Billy)
13. Little Deuce Coupe (Ed)
14. I Get Around (Matt)
15. Mustang Sally (Bobby)
16. You & I (Dave/Billy) (with Matt Wilson* on guitar)
17. California Girls (Matt)
18. Sea Cruise (Ed)
19. Be True To Your School (Bobby) (with performance by Centennial High School cheerleaders*)
20. Don't Worry Baby (Charlotte Cooper*)
21. Sail On Sailor (Bobby/Billy)
22. Roll Over Beethoven (Buzz Clifford*)
21. Ride That Wave (Billy/Michael Angeloff*)
22. Kokomo (Billy/Phil)
23. Dance Dance Dance (Matt)
24. Help Me, Rhonda (Matt)
25. Barbara Ann (Group/Matt) (with Eddy Medora* on guitar)
26. Fun, Fun, Fun (Matt)

* = denotes special guests that appeared only for indicated songs, and on "Fun, Fun, Fun"

Contributed by: Myself (Eric Aniversario), additional info Billy Hinsche, Greg Larson

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