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Beach Boys Concert--July 14, 2001

Auditorio del Parque de Castrelos, Vigo, Spain
July 14, 2001

The contributor writes: "This show was in front of 7000-8000 people in an outdoor auditorium and the show began at 23:45 PM. Tim Bonhomme took over Mike Meros' spot, while John Cowsill took over Tim's spot. In general, John took over on Phil Bardowell's vocal parts, as he was on holidays. There were some surprises, taking into account the standard gig they used to perform in june, like Cottonfields and specially Sail on Sailor. It was also curious the position of Surfin Safari at the begining, not performed in a mix with Surfin USA. God only knows wasn't sung, although it was requested. When Bruce dedicated Do you wanna dance to Dennis and Darlin' to Carl the crowd gave a great ovation for them. John Cowsill moved to the front of the stage and performed Help Me Rhonda, with Bruce on Tim’s place and Tim on John’s place. Someone shouted “Brian Wilson!!!!” and Mike ignored him as well as a “Surfin’ Bird!!!!!! apapapapapapa!!!!!” request. There wasn't any chat between the songs, just a brief introduction for Surfer girl and a presentation of for the members of the band. When they were in Spain in 1990 they talked a lot in spanish, so itt seems that the show began too late and they wanted to go to sleep. Soon you'll find more info and photos at Beach Boys España website"

Beach Boys present:

Mike Love
Bruce Johnston

Backup band included:

Chris Farmer
Tim Bonhomme
Mike Kowalski
Adrian Baker
John Cowsill
Scott Totten


1. California Girls
2. Do It Again
3. Cottonfields (Chris)
4. Catch A Wave
5. Surfin’ Safari
6. Dance Dance Dance
7. Little Honda
8. Surfer Girl (Bruce on bridge)
9. Don’t Worry Baby
10. Then I Kissed Her
11. I Can Hear Music (John)
12. Come Go With Me
13. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
14. Rock And Roll Music
15. Do You Wanna Dance
16. Little Deuce Coupe
17. 409
18. Shut Down
19. I Get Around
20. Sail On Sailor (Chris)
21. Darlin’ (John)
22. Sloop John B.
23. Wouldn't It Be Nice
24. Good Vibrations
25. Kokomo (Mike/John)
26. All Summer Long
27. Help Me Rhonda (John)
28. Barbara Ann
29. Surf City
30. Surfin’ U.S.A.

31. Fun Fun Fun

Contributed by: Julio Cesar Pelayo Bayo & Jaime Guaza

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