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Brian Wilson Concert--July 22, 2004

Brian Wilson
Apollo Theatre, Manchester, England
July 22, 2004

During this part of the U.K. tour, Brian was rotating many songs in and out of the first set, keeping it fresh. For this show, "Sail On Sailor", "Drive In", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "In My Room", "Desert Drive", and others were rotated out in favor of other older favorites like "The Little Girl I Once Knew", "Meant For You", "Friends", "Forever", and "You're So Good To Me".

Archive note: Only the first set was posted on the message board on . The Smile set and the encore portions of the setlist are unconfirmed, but are pretty safe bets.

Main Vocalist:

Brian Wilson

Backup band included:

Jeffrey Foskett (Guitar, vocals, banjo, percussion)
Bob Lizik (Bass, vocals)
Paul Mertens (Woodwinds, Harmonica, vocals, flute, piccolo, sax)
Darian Sahanaja (Keyboards, mallets, vocals)
Nik Walusko (Guitar, vocals)
Probyn Gregory (Guitar, French horn, trumpet, vocals, Tannerin)
Taylor Mills (vocals, percussion)
Scott Bennett (vocals, keyboards, vibraphone, mallets, guitar)
Jim Hines (drums)
Nelson Bragg (Vocals, percussion)
Stockholm Strings ’n’ Horns: Björn Samuelsen (trombone), Staffan Findin (bass trombone), Viktor Sand (saxophone, flute and clarinet), Malin-My Nilsson (violin), Andreas Forsman (violin), Erik Holm (cello), Anna Landberg (cello), Markus Sandlund (cello)


1. Surfer Girl
2. Wendy
3. Please Let Me Wonder
4. Good To My Baby
5. Add Some Music To Your Day
6. You're So Good To Me
7. And Your Dreams Come True
8. You're Welcome
9. Meant For You
10. Friends
11. How Could We Still Be Dancin'
12. Dance, Dance, Dance
13. Gettin' In Over My Head
14. California Girls
15. The Little Girl I Once Knew
16. God Only Knows
17. Sloop John B
18. Soul Searchin'
19. Forever
20. Darlin'
21. Marcella


Part 1:
22. Our Prayer/Gee
23. Heroes & Villains
24. Do You Like Worms
25. Barnyard (with lyrics)
26. Old Master Painter
27. You Are My Sunshine
28. Cabinessence

Part 2:
29. Wonderful
30. Look
31. Child Is Father Of The Man
32. Surf's Up

Part 3:
33. I'm In Great Shape
34. I Wanna Be Around/Workshop
35. Vegetables
36. Holiday (with lyrics)
37. Wind Chimes
38. Mrs. O'Leary’s Cow/Fire
39. I Love To Say Da Da (with extra lyrics)
40. Good Vibrations

Encore 1:

41. Do It Again
42. I Get Around
43. Help Me, Rhonda
44. Barbara Ann (Brian on bass)
45. Surfin’ U.S.A. (Brian on bass)
46. Fun, Fun, Fun

Encore 2:

47. Love & Mercy

Contributed by: As posted by M J Warner on the "blueboard" on Brian; courtesy of Richard Brindle

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