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Brian Wilson Concert--July 25, 2000

Brian Wilson
Aerial Theater, Houston, TX
July 25, 2000

In a wise move, Brian moves "All Summer Long" and "Be My Baby" to the first set, and moves "Don't Worry Baby" and "Surfin USA" to the first encore. It appears that "Lay Down Burden" has been dropped permanently now, and it should be noted that "Darlin" has not appeared for awhile either. One of the contributor notes: "[After 'Fun Fun Fun',] Brian says thank you and proceeds to bow like a Chinese emperor and then does some inexplicable walk/ skip/trot/jump with hand flailing off stage....I thought I was going to die laughing - it looked like Foskett was as well."

Main Vocalist:

Brian Wilson

Backup band included:

Jeffrey Foskett (Guitar, vocals, banjo, percussion)
Bob Lizik (Bass, vocals)
Paul Mertens (Woodwinds, Harmonica, vocals, bass harmonica, bass flute, flute, piccolo, sax)
Darian Sahanaja (Keyboards, vibraphone, vocals)
Nik Wonder (Guitar, vocals)
Mikey D'Amico (Percussion, vocals)
Probyn Gregory (Guitar, French horn, trumpet, vocals, Tannerin)
Taylor Mills (vocals)
Scott Bennett (vocals, keyboards, vibraphone, quiro, bicycle horn, tambourine)
Jim Hines (drums)


Set 1:

1. The Little Girl I Once Knew
2. This Whole World
3. California Girls
4. Do It Again
5. I Get Around
6. All Summer Long
7. Back Home
8. Be My Baby
9. Help Me Rhonda
10. Brian Wilson
11. 'Til I Die
12. In My Room
13. Kiss Me Baby
14. The First Time
15. Add Some Music To Your Day
16. Please Let Me Wonder

Set 2:

17. Wouldn't It Be Nice
18. You Still Believe In Me
19. That's Not Me
20. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
21. I'm Waiting For The Day
22. Let's Go Away For Awhile
23. Sloop John B
24. God Only Knows
25. I Know There's An Answer
26. Here Today
27. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
28. Pet Sounds
29. Caroline, No
30. Good Vibrations

Encore 1:

31. Surfer Girl
32. Barbara Ann (Brian plays bass guitar for #31-32)
33. Don't Worry Baby
34. Surfin USA
35. Fun, Fun, Fun

Encore 2:

36. Love and Mercy

Contributed by: Richard Blatt, WillieAnM

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