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Al Jardine Family & Friends Beach Band Concert--July 4, 2002

Al Jardine Family & Friends Beach Band
Fort Stewart, Hinesville, GA
July 4, 2002

The contributor writes: "Expecting the new All-Star Beach Band, I was surprised to see the friends and family, but it was a pleasant surprise and a great show. Billy (I believe) dedicated Sail On Sailor to [Randell Kirsch's daughter], who died the day before. Carnie also mentioned that it's one of her favorite Beach Boys songs. The stage lights went out during Wouldn't It Be Nice, but the band played on, and after someone on stage made a "Who needs lights?" comment the band went right on into Good Vibrations, and Al seemed especially amused when a crew-member brought out lanterns to put in front of the vocalists during that song. The lights eventually came back on, but I didn't even notice when. Just before Barbara Ann Matt signaled across stage to Adam I think to say that he wanted to sing the lead, and so he did. The show concluded with Al bringing out a guy to make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend, but it never got anywhere because she 'suspiciously' disappeared. Al saw great humor in that as well..."

California Saga has pictures of this concert.


Al Jardine
Matt Jardine
Adam Jardine
Carnie Wilson
Wendy Wilson

Backup band included:

Richie Cannata
Robby Scharf
Bobby Figueroa
Billy Hinsche
Tom Jacob
Craig Copeland


1. California Girls (Matt)
2. Do It Again (Al)
3. Catch A Wave (Adam)
4. Hawaii (Al)
5. Dance, Dance, Dance (Matt)
6. Do You Wanna Dance (Matt)
7. Darlin' (Carnie)
8. Come And Go With Me (Al)
9. Surfer Girl (Group/Al)
10. Don't Worry Baby (Wendy)
11. Little GTO (Matt)
12. Little Deuce Coupe (Al)
13. I Get Around (Matt)
14. Girl Don't Tell Me (Adam)
15. My Little Runaway (Al)
16. Sail On Sailor (Bobby)
17. God Only Knows (Wendy/Carnie)
18. Sloop John B (Al/Adam)
19. Wouldn't It Be Nice (Matt)
20. Good Vibrations (Matt)
21. Kokomo (Matt & Al/Carnie)
22. Help Me Rhonda (Al)

23. Surfin' U.S.A. (Matt)
24. Barbara Ann (Matt)
25. Fun, Fun, Fun (Matt)

Contributed by: Michael Kozlowski

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