Beach Boys Concert--August 21, 1977

Edwardsville, IL
August 21, 1977

Steve Latshaw writes: "The show was at a massive outdoor venue; a part of the Mississippi River Festival, in Edwardsville, Illinois. Ricci Martin was the opening act, backed by Billy Hinsche and some of the members of the backing band. As I recall, the tickets stated 'The Beach Boys with Brian Wilson.' Prior to the show we talked to some concertgoers who had seen Jackson Browne, I believe, the week before. Browne recorded some of his "Running On Empty" LP at the same venue the previous week."

"The show was in two parts. Brian was EXTREMELY animated for the show... ad-libbing a piano/vocal intro to California Girls... practically shouting out the lyrics to Sloop John B... singing falsetto whenever he could... ad-libbing vocal riffs on In My Room... joking with the crowd as he intros Airplane and doing an extended vocal riff on the tag to the same song...dancing with his bass during Back Home...introing Surfer Girl with Dennis ('This goes all the way back to 1963...') before singing the entire song in falsetto...exhorting the crowd to mania while introing Good Vibrations ('Ok, folks, this is our REALLY BIG ONE!'). In those days there seemed to be interminable pauses between songs, as if the band was constantly re-tuning and/or consulting charts. Nothing like the fast-paced juke box shows of today, though I noticed the pace picked up considerably the following year. The show built to a pretty good frenzy, with Catch A Wave/Be True/Honkin/It's OK winding up the crowd just before the intermission."

"Part two stumbled to a halt with Love Is A Woman and Everyone's In Love With You. I remember the impatience and irritation was palpable in the audience during Mike's TM lecture. Audience attention drifted even further during Feel Flows and All This Is That... this was an end-of-summer party crowd. But then Dennis came out front and starting charging the crowd back up... basically taking the front man gig away from Mike for a moment. With Figueroa pounding out a beat behind him and the audience clapping ("Are you ready?! For Mike Love... Brian Wilson... Carl Wilson... Al Jardine...")... the band finally kicked into Heroes & Villains and the home stretch."

Beach Boys present:

Mike Love
Brian Wilson
Al Jardine
Carl Wilson
Dennis Wilson

Backup band included:

Billy Hinsche


1. California Girls
2. Darlin'
3. Sloop John B.
4. Little Deuce Coupe
5. In My Room
6. Sail On Sailor (Billy Hinsche)
7. California
8. Airplane
9. Back Home (Brian on bass)
10. Surfer Girl
11. Lady Lynda
12. Catch A Wave
13. Be True To Your School
14. Honkin Down The Highway
15. It's OK


16. Love Is A Woman
17. Everyone's In Love With You
18. Feel Flows
19. All This Is That
20. Heroes And Villains
21. Help Me, Rhonda
22. Wouldn't It Be Nice
23. I Get Around
24. Good Vibrations
25. Surfin' U.S.A.

26. You Are So Beautiful
27. Barbara Ann
28. Rock And Roll Music
29. Fun, Fun, Fun

Contributed by: Steve Latshaw

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