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Beach Boys Concert--August 30, 2003

Caesar's, Atlantic City, NJ
August 30, 2003

The contributor writes, "Surprise song of the night was When I Grow Up (To Be A Man). Mike warned the audience that if they didn't get up and dance, the Band would not do car songs...guess what, they didn't do them! Then, Love made a comment that you people must be glued to your chairs? This was the first time I could recall that Mike Love did not bluff and actually replaced the car song set with In My Room, Then I Kissed Her and Darlin'. (I procured the play list to prove that this was a spontaneous decision) later playing only two car songs Little Deuce Coupe and I Get Around, and by this time the audience was wound up dancing, singing and partying. Bruce Johnston nicely performed God Only Knows dedicating the song to Carl Wilson, when Bruce sang the part 'as long as there are stars above you' stars appeared on the background wall. During Kokomo Mike Love's wife danced center stage. During Help Me Rhonda, Mike Love walked on top of a table in the audience and pulled a young lady up on top of the table to dance! I couldn't believe my eyes! During the encore of Surfin' USA an American Flag was lowered on the background wall from the ceiling. The Beach Boys definitely kept the summer alive with great vibrations!"

Beach Boys present:

Mike Love
Bruce Johnston

Backup band:

Chris Farmer
Tim Bonhomme
Mike Kowalski
Adrian Baker
John Cowsill
Scott Totten


1. California Girls
2. Do It Again
3. Surfin' Safari
4. Catch A Wave
5. Hawaii
6. Dance Dance Dance
7. Do You Wanna Dance
8. Little Honda
9. I Write The Songs (Briefly)
10. Surfer Girl
11. Don't Worry Baby
12. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
13. Duke Of Earl
14. Sherry
15. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
16. In My Room
17. Then I Kissed Her
18. Darlin'
19. California Dreamin
20. God Only Knows
21. Good Vibrations
22. Kokomo
23. Sloop John B
24. Wouldn't Be Nice
25. Little Deuce Coupe
26. I Get Around
27. Help Me Rhonda
28. Barbara Ann
29. Fun Fun Fun
30. Surfin' USA

Contributed by: Moon & Steph Thomas

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