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Let's Put Our Hearts Together (A Tribute to Brian Wilson)--September 17, 1995

Let's Put Our Hearts Together (A Tribute to Brian Wilson)
London, England
September 17, 1995

Many of these songs were also recorded in the studio and included on the 1995 CD "In My Room: A Beach Boys Tribute for the Homeless of California".


All-Star Intro Band:
1. You're Welcome (acapella)

Surfin' Lungs:
2. Drive-In
3. 409
4. Surfers Rule
5. The New Girl In School

Wavelength (w/Alan Carvell, all acapella):
6. Surfer Girl
7. A Young Man Is Gone
8. Surfin'/Surfin' Safari
9. Brooklyn Girl

Surfonics (featuring Chris White):
10. Catch A Wave
11. In My Room
12. Wendy
13. Kiss Me Baby
14. Be My Baby (w/Graham Hicks)

Graham Hicks:
15. Love And Mercy

Martin Lawford (ex-Gidea Park):
16. You're So Good To Me
17. Help Me Rhonda
18. Surfin' Safari
19. Barbara Ann

Rick De Jong:
20. Guess I'm Dumb

Will Bryson:
21. Landy, You Need Me

Paul McNulty:
22. Meant For You

McWilsons (featuring Sean Macreavy):
23. Wonderful/With Me Tonight/Barnyard/Bicycle Rider
24. Let Us Go On This Way
25. Roller Skating Child
26. Wild Honey*
27. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times*
28. Good Vibrations*
[* these songs featured Simon Beck on a *real* theremin]

Epic Soundtracks (the late Kevin Godfrey):
29. Ballad Of Ol' Betsey
30. Meet Me On The Beach

Elliott Kendall:
31. I Do
32. Drive-In
33. She Rides With Me
34. Heroes & Villains/No-Go Showboat (w/Sean Macreavy)

Beach Buggies (featuring Tony Rivers, Alan Carvell & John Carter):
35. California Girls
36. Help Me Rhonda
37. Little Deuce Coupe
38. Darlin'
39. Don't Worry, Baby
40. Graduation Day
41. Caroline, No
42. Barbara Ann
43. Fun, Fun, Fun
44. I Get Around
45. Surfin' USA

Contributed by: Andrew G. Doe

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