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Beach Boys Concert--September 8, 2003

Humphrey's By The Bay, San Diego, CA
September 8, 2003

An energetic, upbeat, and somewhat extended concert. In the past, the band had performed two shorter shows, but this year, there was only one show, and this gave the band a little room to work with. All the usual comedy bits were there, but a rarer one that is not always included was featured: Adrian's snippet of "I Saw Her Standing There" right before "Surfer Girl". The band seemed to be in a good mood overall. There was a false start to "Good Vibrations" when Adrian got distracted by a boat honking its horn (people can watch for free if they dock their boat on the bay). The first honk was in the opening seconds of "In My Room". Some people laughed, and Bruce said, "Excuse me", pretending it his was him that made the sound!

Personal highlights: "Summertime Blues" was played out at the end even longer than usual; a great crowd-pleaser. "When I Grow Up" was great to hear live, though it was clear that the band was still getting accustomed to the live arrangement. But the biggest highlight of the night for me was the best live rendition I've ever heard of "Rock And Roll Music" (and I've heard many!) It just had a certain groove to it that made it magical.

Technical note: There was a very noticeable difference in the overall volume during certain parts of the concert. Some women came up to the stage and talked to John Cowsill about it, and he relayed the message to the band. Certain songs were so quiet that the audience could be heard more than the band's vocals, which were barely audible ("Kokomo", "In My Room", "Surfer Girl"). Other songs were 10 times louder ("Summertime Blues", "Barbara Ann", "Sloop John B", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Rock And Roll Music"). Because of the lowered volume of "Kokomo" (which lead the encore), some of the momentum that was built up from the previous songs was lost. It should be noted that the band is now performing "Barbara Ann" without its usual live intro on a regular basis now.

Beach Boys present:

Mike Love
Bruce Johnston

Backup band:

Chris Farmer
Tim Bonhomme
Mike Kowalski
Adrian Baker
John Cowsill
Scott Totten


1. California Girls
2. Do It Again
3. Surfin' Safari
4. Catch A Wave
5. Hawaii
6. Dance Dance Dance
7. Do You Wanna Dance
8. Little Honda
9. Surfer Girl
10. Don't Worry Baby
11. You're So Good To Me
12. Darlin'
13. In My Room
14. Little Deuce Coupe
15. 409
16. Shut Down
17. I Get Around
18. Duke Of Earl
19. Come Go With Me
20. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
21. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
22. California Dreamin'
23. God Only Knows
24. Good Vibrations
25. Sloop John B
26. Wouldn't Be Nice
27. Rock And Roll Music
28. Help Me Rhonda
29. Barbara Ann
30. Fun Fun Fun

31. Kokomo
32. Summertime Blues
33. Surfin' USA

Contributed by: Myself (Eric Aniversario)

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