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dHTML Tutorials
Basic dHTML

HTML Tutorials
Perfect Colors


Blender Tutorials
Couple of tutorials on a great free program.7.9.01

Stikley in Bad Luck
My first animation about a stick guy that's having a bad day. Not too good, but it's only my first.11.5.00

Quick little program that could help you find the color you want. Not too efficient, but it can teach you how to set the bgColor of a document using JavaScript.10.17.00

Examples > Loading
Ever wanted to have your page loading in the background with the little loading progression box? Now you can.10.15.00

New section added.10.2.00

Perfect Colors
Find the perfect colors for your website using this quick technique. A step-by-step tutorial. Never again have to search and search for the perfect Hexadecimal number. These instructions will help you find your colors quickly and effeciently.10.1.00

Basic dHTML
Here you will be formally introduced to dHTML and the basic coding and scripting. This is the base of all the following tutorials. A must read! 9.23.00

About Funky Munky Tutorials
What is Funky Munky Tutorials? What am I trying to do here. What's Intrepid Digital? All those important questions are answered here. 9.23.00

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