Various Tapes

ICW/Poffo's Territory: Randy Savage vs Bill Martin,  Pez Whatley vs 
Jerry Eagle,  Ronnie Garvin vs Rick Link,  Rip Rodgers & Chic Starr 
vs Chief Tafa & Rick Sarta,  Bob Roop & Big Boy Williams vs Boris 
Malenko and Tony Peters,  Junkyard Dog vs Butch Reed,  Lanny Poffo vs 
Crusher Brumfield,  Rufus Jones & Jerry Bryant vs Dirty White Boys,  
Rip Rodgers vs George Wiengroff, 

Wrestling's Classic Villians 50 -60's: Gorgeous George vs Larry 
Maguire,  Crusher vs Johnny Valentine,  Grham Brothers vs Antonio 
Rocca and Miguel Perez,  Fred Blassie vs the Hangman,  Buddy Rodgers 
vs Abe Jacobs,  Nicoli Volkof & Boris Volkov vs Hans Schmidt & ?,  
Fritz Von Erich vs Bobby Brown,  Killer Kowaski vs Yukon Eric,  Lou 
Albano & Tony Altamore vs Jack Allen & ?,  Miller Brothers vs 

 Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Lord James Blears vs Baron Micele 
Leone,  Henry Hank vs Mr Moto,   Joe Louis vs Rocky Lee,  Nick 
Bockwinkel vs Mat Murphy,  Gallager Brothers vs Johnny Beard & 
Magnificent Maurice,  Rimo Carnea vs Jim Lodos,  Shiek vs Bil Melby,  
Buddy Rodgers vs Pat O Connor,  Bruno Sammartino vs Fred Blassie,  
Rodgers vs Johnny Valentine,  Ed Carpentier & Antonio Rocca vs Skull 
Murphy & Pampiro Firpo,  Kangaroos & Jerry Graham vs Rocca, Ricky 
Starr, Miguel Perez, Rodgers vs Bobo Brazil

R' N R' Wrestling Videos: Some wrestling vidoes from the 80's. 
include, Rock n Roll Express, Jerry Lawler, Brusier Brody, Moondogs, 
Randy Savage and more. 

Scar Wars: This was done as a "documentary on violence in wretling. 
Has DC Drake and Larry Winters mosty. Also has Jules Strongbow, 
Abdullah the Butcher and a few more.

Stampede's Wrestling Classics 
1.  Stomper v dan kroffat
2.  Stomper v bret hart
3.  Bret hart v dynamite kid
4.  Davey boy smith & dynamite kid v cuban commandos
5.  Owen hart v jerry morrow
6.  Rip rogers & kerry brown v bruce hart & brian pillman
7.  Duke meyers & kerry brown v bruce hart & davey boy smith
8.  Kieth & bret hart v the kiwis(sheephearders/bushwhackers)
9.  Jim neidhart v neil guay
10.  Jake roberts v big daddy ritter(junk yard dog)
11.  Andre in a battle royal

WCCW Parade of Champions 3 (only what was on TV) Freebirds vs Von 
Erichs,  Rick Rude vs Brusier Brody,  Mark Youngblood vs Kabuki, 
Jerry Allen vs Kabuki, Steve Simpson vs Kabuki,   Brian Adidas vs 
Steve Regal,  Grappler & John Tatum vs Brickhouse Brown.

 I like to Hurt People: Documentary on wrestling featuring Dusty 
Rhodes, The Sheik, Andre the Gaint and more.

 PWI Lord of the Rings Superstars and Supermatches: Junkyard Dog vs 
Missing Link,  Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine (Dog Collar match),  
Adrian Street footage,  Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood vs Bob Orton 
& Dick Slater,  Carlos Colon vs Abdullah the Butcher,  Jerry Lawler 
vs Bill Dundee,  Andy Kaufman vs Lawler,  Dory Funk Jr vs Harley 
Race,  Race vs Ric Flair,  Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard,  Von 
Erichs vs Freebirds,  David Von Erich song,  Kerry Von Erich vs 
Flair,  Steamboat footage,  Flair vs Von Erich,  Jimmy Valiant vs 
Assassin 2,  Fabulous Ones vs Moondaogs,  Clip of Rock N Roll Express 
vs Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo,  Road Warriors vs Fabulous Ones,  


 National Championship Wrestling TV May 1997 (North Carloina: No tape 
list yet.

..wrestling classics vol. 1                                     1.  
Hogan v hogan as a rule breaker  2.  Original sheik 
v mark lewin....u.s. title 3.  Flair v bruiser brody.....nwa title
4.  Ted dibiase v hogan....hogans msg debut....wwwf 79
5.  Backlund v harley race....8 mm footage from the 70's...
6.  Backlund v iron sheik.....wwf title 
7.  Pedro morales v killer kowalski 
8.  Orndorff v tony charles.....mid atlantic 82 
9.  Bob orton v jimmy garvin......mid south 82 
10.  Ricky starr v karl von hess.....b&w.....ref punches von hess
After the match .

Oldies but goodies, 
1.  King kong brody (bruiser brody) v crusher blackwell......joined in
Progress....classic battle...gagne comes in and beats sheik adnon al
Caseys a$$!!! 2.  Road warriors v fabulous ones 3.  Jerry blackwell v
Col. debeers....ladder match for $10,000 which hangs high in the
Air.....this battle is joinrd in progress....great match at the end
Ninja runs in and beats the piss out of blackwell. 4.  The most
Horrible sell ever!!!!! the guy dressed in white.....triple
Aaa clip of a wrestler who actually runs halfway to the turn buckle
Then slams his own head into it!!! funniest thing I've ever seen in
Wrestling!!!!! 5.  Ice killer,cobarde & jerry estrada v dragon de
Oro,super munceo & lizmark 6.  Max the eliminator...interview 7.  Max
The eliminator v dennis allen 8.  Incredible thor v nuclear
Assassin...t.v. title 9.  Chubby & oddessa v memphis high
Flyers.......tag title...great entrance by chubby & oddessa they dance
In the crowd....hilarious 10.  Possessor v lance von
Title 11.  Barry windham v rick steiner 12.  Steve williams v ron
Simmons (farooq asaad) title...great match between 2 great
Wrestlers 13.  Barry windham v steve williams......uwf title 14. Razor
ramon & 1-2-3 kid v shawn michaels & diesel....tag title 15. Dusty
rhodes v tully blanchard...$100,000 ladder/barbed wire rope of the greatest in the rhodes/blanchard fued....this is
A bloody war. 16.  Fabulous freebirds v curt hennig (mr. perfect) &
Greg gagne 17.  Road warriors v larry & curt hennig....tag title 18.
Curt hennig (mr. perfect) & baron von raske v road warriors...tag
Title great!!!! hennig gets his head stuck in the ropes brawl insues
Hennig is bleeding and shaking.....road warriors get hit w/ chairs by
Fans on thier way back to the dressing room. 19.  Greg gagne &
Slaughter v ray stevens & nick bochwinkle.....zbyscko challenges
Slaughter before match then makes a run in at the end. 20.  Curt
Hennig (mr. perfect) & scott hall (razor ramon) v steve regal (not
Wcw) & jimmy garvin 21.  Larry zbyscko v slaughter.....americas
Title....zbyscko punches ref. 22.  Greg gagne v larry
Zbyscko.....zbyscko knocks his own partner (nick bochwinkle) out
W/nunchucks. 23.  Dick murdoch v steve williams....texas death match
24.  Lex luger v nikita koloff.....steel cage/u.s. title 25. Steamboat
v steve austin......u.s. title 26.  Dusty rhodes v ivan
Koloff.....texas death coffin match 27.  2 cold scorpio v benoit 28.
Shane douglas & steamboat v windham & pillman.......tag title 29.  Red
River jack (bruiser brody) & dingo warrior (ultimate warrior) v
Grappler & bob bradley 30.  Tim brooks & brian adias v mike & lance
Von erich 31.  Macho man v steamboat...i.c. title.....steamboat shows
Some beautiful armdrags in this match....bloody battle 32.  Corporal
Kishner v nikolai volkoff.....boot camp match 33.  Lord littlebrook v
Cowboy lang.....midgets 34.  Norman (bastion booger) v cactus jack
Manson......incomplete end of tape note: some of these matches contain
A tracking line at the bottom of the screen!

The finest in wrestling
1.  Cactus v vader....cactus loses his ear
2.  Bret hart v the stomper
3.  Davey boy smith v dynamite kid.....mid-heavyweight
title.......joined in progress 4.  Davey boy smith & dynamite kid v
cuban commandos.....tag title....pre wwf 5.  Lawler v & parking lot brawl.....great battle 6.  T. Funk v an empty auditurium.....lance russel the announcer
lights up a cigerette 7.  Terry boulder (hulk hogan) v mongolian
stomper.....1979 8.  Flair,jimmy hart & lawler......interview 9. 
Lawler v flair.......nwa title....1982 10.  Lawler v kerry von
erich....awa v wccw heavyweight title.....kerry bleeds like
crazy...1988 11.  Great muta v hiroshi hase.......muta is spilling
blood everywhere 12.  Mr. pogo v atsushi onita.....explosive barbed
wire match......pogo drives a broken piece of wooden board into onitas
back...pours blood...i looked for myself to see if onita bladed
himself but he never did it was a total shoot stabbing 13.  Kevin
sullivan v yukihiro kanemura....kanemura ends up in the hospital and
needs 57 stiches in his arm 14.  Midnight rockers (rockers) v buddy
rose & doug somers....awa tag title....a lot of the end of
this match check out the blood stain on the camara lens 15.  Jushin
liger v naoki sano.....iwgp jr. Heavyweight title 16.  Carlos calon &
abby v stan hanson & bruiser brody....lumberjack match 17.  Bobo
brazil & dick the bruiser v orig. Sheik & bobby the end
of the match in the locker room sheik licks the blood off heenans face
18.  Race v jumbo tsuruta 19.  Mr. pogo v mitsahiro
death match.....great battle and a great after match brawl 20. 
Cheetah kid v johnny rotten....this is the one public enemys rocco
rock & johnny grunge go head to head in a great match 21.  Otto wanz v
bull power (vader) title....bloody match 22.  Fantastics v
sting & eddie gilbert...see sting as a heel 23.  Mitsuhiro matsunaga v
mr. pogo.....barbed wire baseball bat match 24.  Mr. pogo v jason the
terrible......coffin match 25.  Sting & r. Steiner v jeff gaylord &
jeff raitz 26.  Sting & eddie gilbert v fantastics..........not the
same as the match earlier 27.  Sting v bobby walker (not
wcw)..........uwf 1987 28.  Terry gordy v steve williams........both
men bleed!!!!! 29.  One man gang v ted dibiase.......uwf world title
30.  Rick steiner v chavo guerrero 31.  Rick steiner v sam houston 32.
 Bruce hart & brian pillman  v rip rogers & kerry
brown....calgary...tag title 33.  Atsushi onita v tarzan
goto.....electrified barbed wire cage match......match cutts off end
of tape

NWA title tourney from: No list yet

Wrestlings best 5 (from bill sing
1.  Nikita koloff v title
2.  Steamboat v title
3.  Hogan v title
4.  Duggan & jerry grey v inoki & george takano
5.  Doom v anderson & windham....tag title
6.  Terry boulder v andre....arm wrestling
7.  Kamala v butch reed
8.  Orig. Midnight xpress w/paul e.  V midnight x w/cornette
9.  George steele v kamala
10.  Orndorff v steve williams
11.  Cactus v funk....exploding ring match
12.  Sting v black scorpion...cage world title match
13.  King tonga (haku) vs magnificent muraco
14.  Bob orton v jim garvin ...missouri  state title
15.  Bradley & grappler v dingo warrior(ultimate warrior) & red river
Jack(bruiser brody) 16.  Freebirds v road warriors 17.  Demolition v
Greg valentine & honky tonk man 18.  David sammartino v louie spicoli
19.  Anderson v windham.......nwa title 20.  Rockers v power & glory
21.  Brody v title 22.  Patera v
Lathario...........2 of 3 falls 23.  Renegade warriors v state patrol
24.  Hogan & hillbilly jim v studd & bundy 25.  Original sheik v mark
Lewin.........u.s. title match loser leaves town 26.  Pillman v
Steamboat 27.  Flair v vader...........wcw title 28.  Strike force v
Hart foundation.......tag title 29.  Flair v steamboat...........wcw
Title match from 94 30.  Missing link v jyd............highlights


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