GABRIELA's Departments

Campaigns Department coordinates campaigns and all-women actions launched by GABRIELA members nationwide on various issues affecting women and ensures support from other people's organizations. SINING-LILIA, the all-women performing group of the organization, is a vital unit that uses popular, cultural methods in educating the public on women's issues.

Public Information Department develops and executes media strategies to raise public awareness and support for women's issues.

It currently addresses issues of prostitution, rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, pornography and other issues related to violence on women. It seeks to propagate a perspective that liberate women from violence, empower women to speak out and act on violence committed against them through education, campaigns, organizing of survivors and their families, and provide support services to victims or their relatives. Our activities include:

Community-based education sessions;
Publication of education and information materials on violence against women;
Street campaigns against various issues on violence against women;
Counselling sessions with survivors of violence (rape, incest, wife-beating, sexual harassment, etc.) and referrals to medical practitioners and lawyers;
Organizing of prostituted women, survivors of violence and their families as well as advocates against violence on women; and
Organizing network of lawyers and medical practitioners to provide services to women victims.

Women's Rights and Services Department aims to promote and protect women's political rights and advocate against state violence committed on women, responds to and carries out sustained actions on women's complaints regarding human rights violation.

Its direct beneficiaries are women political prisoners, internal refugees and other women in highly militarized areas who are victims and survivors of civil and political rights violation. Our activities include:

Direct services to women political prisoners (WPPs) and women internal refugees (WIRs) and other women in highly militarized areas such as:

camp visitations
medical aid
legal and psychological aid
transportation aid
temporary shelter
Research, documentation and fact finding missions on state violence against women;
Publication of fact finding missions results, researches, and case studies;
Campaigns on WPPs and WIRs;
Networking with local and international human rights organizations; and
Community-based education and trainings on Basic Human Rights.

Women's Health and Welfare Department seeks to promote and protect women's health and reproductive rights by raising public consciousness regarding women's health issues and organizing small scale alternative health care systems responsive to women's needs. Our activities include:

Advocacy and campaigns on health and reproductive rights of women;
Awareness raising through education, fora, meetings, and media;
Direct services such as counselling, medical services for women and children, and referrals to other helath institutions; and
Support services such as health training, researches on women's health issues, publication and dissemination of information on women's reproductive and basic health care methods.

International Relations Department develops links and solidarity relations with women's organizations worldwide and facilitates the beinnal Women's Solidarity Affair in the Philippines (WISAP). Our activities include:

Development education through hosting of study/exposure visits, international exchanges, and sponsoring lectures, fora, film showings on urgent issues affecting women on an international level, etc.
Organizing and sponsoring special projects and solidarity conferences such as the Women's International Solidarity Affair in the Philippines (WISAP);
Publication of GABRIELA International Update; and
Linkaging with GABRIELA solidarity organizations, support groups, migrant Filipinas, and other women's groups and international networks abroad.

Administration and Finance Department ensures the smooth flow of the National Office's day-to-day operation.