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GVnet has its own chat room, join us by clicking HERE for my NEW GV~IRC

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Want to know who hangs out with GVnet™'s GAME_VIPER? Click here to find out.
Think this site sucks? Well, I dont, and I dont think these people that gave me these AWARDS do.
Are you in a mood for a good laugh right now? Well GVnet™ has found some FUNNY songs and audio bits and has put them on one page.
GAME_VIPER has found a cool service for WebTV user's called VBeepers™ . This service is like AOL, it has a Buddy List, Instent Message and all for WebTV and AOL user's. If you are a member (its FREE) and want to contact me, my Username is gviper.
Check out my all new Pokémon Page.
Want to make the web talk? well try out GVnet's NEW Text-2-Voice system.
Want to open up your WebTV™? If yes, Click here to find ALL of the things that hide in that little box called WebTV™.

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