Family Photos

Putting all the photos on one page would take too long for the page to open. Instead, I've created a link, with the names of the people in each photo.

Charley, Athra, Ida (Spencer) Cannon, Joshua, Malinda Davis

Joshua & Malinda (Wilson) Davis

Back: Ophus, Charley, Fredonia, Ida Davis
Front: Eliza (Crawshaw), Thadion, Athra, Joshua Davis, Riley Spencer, Malinda (Wilson) Davis, Ida Spencer

George, Riley, Ida (Davis) Spencer

Thadion & Verna (Cook) Davis, Riley & Alice (Guilliams) Spencer

Thadion, Verna, Riley, Alice

Malinda (Wilson) Davis, unknown woman

Pilgrim School, Jan 27, 1911. Also called the Dog Town School

My known family members in this photo are Ida Guilliams, Alice Guilliams, Harry Spencer, Famous Spencer, Raymond Spencer, Willie Guilliams, William Spencer and Verna Cook.

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