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Janet's Adoption Links

Revised: 04/14/98

Adoption Searching Web Ring

The road less traveled...
Are you searching? If so, Good Luck! It will be quite a roller coaster ride.
Here's some guidance: First and foremost, you MUST register with
ISRR (more info here). Next, read Shea's Search Series.
OK, got the prerequisites done? Go look up Search & Support groups and Mailing Lists. They can point you to lots of Resources and Registries. With some info you can use my Investigative Links.
Chances are there will be lulls in your search. You can learn a lot of background in this time about the history of adoption by looking at Agencies and Lawyers which place children.
Ready for more Information? Look at Books, Studies, and Reference. You can look at other people's Pages and Links and their Search and Reunion Stories.
Has all this got you fed up with the system? Well you're not alone. The Reform Movement has taken on a life of its own. It has spawned Organizations and Legal changes and fueled the interest in Open Adoption. Naturally an Other Side has sprung up. But we will win!!!

Write the White House

Welcome! I have organized the links below into Organizations, Registries, Search/Support, Pages/Links, Information, The Other Side, Agencies, Books, Studies, and Reference, Open Adoption, Legal, Lawyers, Search and Reunion Stories, Resources, and Mailing Lists.

If I can be any more help, or you have any suggestions or critiques, please email me

I am currently re-vamping this page to make it easier to negotiate, and also to add tons more resources. Please have patience while the upgrade is being completed. Thank you!

Searching? Please follow this Hotlink to Searching Page

Dedication to my daughter


American Adoption Congress
Council for Equal Rights in Adoption (CERA) - NYC
Welcome to Bastard Nation
N.Y.S. Adoptive Parents Committee
Adoption Web Ring /random
Internet Adoptees
TxCARE (Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources and Education)
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Registries & Databases

DO NOT begin your search without registering with ISRR more info here

A note on registries: There is currently some confusion going on (mostly in my head) about whose registry is whose. David Gray of the World Wide Registry APPARENTLY gives out email addresses to those whose causes he supports, so that they can mass e-mail triad members. I have been told, but have no further verification, that David Gray is also BirthQuest. When I get verification either way, I will let you know.

If you want to be on as many registries as possible, also sign up with the FREE Adoption Search and Reunion website AOL Reunion Registry and Micah and Angi's Search Registry and Reunions and Adoption Puzzle Pieces and The Seeker and Lost and Missing Relatives and Lyn's maiden name database (email) and Kindred Pursuits - The Canadopt Registry (US listings too) and TxCARE Registry
The World-Wide Profile Registry is not specific to adoption, but you can post a profile, including who you're looking for.

For a fee, there's also Seekers of the Lost and BirthQuest (search for free, $20 to register) and National Finders Adoption Registry and Her Heritage Maiden Name Directory Crane & Hibbs: Missing Person Entry / Search Database List Entry / Lookup / Missing Person Entries .
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Did you register with ISRR?
*Adoptee's Right to Know - Shea's highly-recommended Search Series
AIML Search Resources / Support Groups
AdoptioNetwork - a volunteer-operated information resource for the adoption community
Adoptee Search Resources
Missing Peace Adoption Search Agency
Adoptee's Miracle Search Network (also links to other pages)
Volunteer Search Network - still looking for volunteers
Council for Equal Rights in Adoption (CERA) - NYC
Gotcha Day - oriented towards apars and paps
Adoptees in Search (Denver) - including links
Adoptions Searches and Investigations - a Canada - Ontario - licensed p.i. who specializes in adoption reunions
new Assets and Family Research Consultants I am a licensed Private Investigator who has in the business of searching for adoptees/birth parents for over 19 years. Although I live in Southern Ontario with offices both in Toronto and Kingston, my searches can be done world wide. My success rate has been in the high 80-90% rate.

The name of my agency is ASSETS AND FAMILY RESEARCH CONSULTANTS ( formerly known as Adopted? We Search) My web page is

As both an adoptee and an adoptive parent I know first hand how frustrating and sometimes rewarding a search can be.

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Pages & Links

Adoption Search and Reunion website Search tips for ALL Special help for Colorado Searchers Adoptee & Genealogy Page from Carrie's Crazy Quilt!
KKay's Adoption Corner
Luanne Pruesner's Internet Adoption Page
Micah and Angi's Adoption Links
Byron Lee Ewers Adoption Links
People Trek
Carter's Adoption Search Page
BN Adoptee Related WWW Library
Reuniting Families
Adoption Options - lots of links
Madelene's Adoptee Searcher's Handbook - emphasis on Canadian
Mary Block-Baker's Adoption Page
Sheri's Adoption Links(Info/Support/Resources, Registries, Search Engines)
Dawn's Page of Links
"World's Largest Adoptee Related Link Page"
Past the book, Elisa has some links
Cat's Adoption Page
M2C's Adoption Links
Adoption in the Computer Age
The Adoptee's Search & Reunion Resource Page
Leilani's Page
Alana's Page and Links
Kayhh's newly-revamped adoption page
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Adoption on the Usenet - includes FAQ
Yahoo!'s Adoption Links
Adoption: Assistance, Information, SupportPre- and Post-Adoption
States which falsify info on birth certificates
DccLifeCare Adoption Forum
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The Other Side

The Family Research Council
The National Council For Adoption
The Absurdity of Family Love Why Biology Doesn't Count
Adoption Online Looking to adopt? Or place?
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The Gladney Center
Adoption Agency Guide - includes warning list of problem agencies
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Books, Studies, and Reference

R-Squared Press includes books on open adoption and other adoption-related topics.
The Search Institute Report
Lois Melina's Adopted Child /Library /Newsletter
The Adoption Connections Project Newsletter
Roots & Wings Adoption Magazine
Chain of Life Newsletter
Tapestry/Children's/Understanding Adoption
Adoption Triad's Reading Guide
Confessions of a Lost Mother
Adoptive Families Magazine
Healing the Birthmother's Silent Sorrow
The Ultimate Adoption Bookstore
ForU4Free Adoptees & Birthparents newsletter
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Open Adoption

An Introduction to Open Adoption
American Association of Open Adoption Agencies / Alternate Address
To You Alone - a birthmother's book about her open adoption
Independent Adoption Center - Open Adoptions - Go in & look around; it's very interesting / Why Open Adoption
Lois Melina's Adopted Child

There are several books on the subject of open adoption which address the issue of 'opening' closed adoptions of minor children. "Children of Open Adoption" and "The Open Adoption Experience" are two that I know of (Sorry, don't have the author names handy). Karyl Raber

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Gopher Menu - all about the UAA
The Tennessee Case (Info thanks to the AAC)
The Decision! AAC's copy
References for the Decision: 1 2 3
New York State Government Information
Kevin McCarty's Adoption Law and Reforms
U.S. Search Laws by State
Nancy Newman's take on the UAA - very good read
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Adoption Law Center, P.C.
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Search and Reunion Stories

Amy's story
Unhappy Adoption Reunions
Michele's Adoption Reunion Scrapbook - and links
daily diary
Yourfamily - Interesting stuff here: boards, tips, stories, etc.
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Adoptee's Right to Know - Shea's highly-recommended Search Series
Walt Horning's How to Find Someone
Search Resources
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Mailing Lists

Alana's Birthmom Mailing List Info
Adoptee Internet Mailing List
Dee Ann Hardy's Adopting Mailing List (email)
Open Adoption mailing list

email Birth-mothers Alternate For birthmothers only. About this list sponsored by Griefnet

Griefnet had a page that lists all of the support groups it offers and I have the list on my personal web page. It is probably quicker for a birthmother to contact me directly, so you may feel free to put my email address there. Mailing Lists - one listing each for adoption, adoptees, and birthmothers
Info and links on seven different mailing lists
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