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Duncan of Scotland

1. Duncan  & NOTE:  This is a way of bring all the known in Albemarle Co., Virgina Duncans together in hopes that solve the mystery.
| 1.1 William Duncan (1722-)
| 1.2 George Duncan (1725-1783) & Ann Hall (-1808)** mine line
| | 1.2.1 John Duncan (1751-) & Allyn 
| | 1.2.2a Celia "Celey" Duncan* (1754-) & Shadrack Oglesby (-1777)
| | | 1.2.2a.1 Nancy Oslesby 
| | | 1.2.2a.2 Elizabeth Oslesby 
| | 1.2.2b Celia "Celey" Duncan* (1754-) & Lewis Hancock (1754-1828)
| | | 1.2.2b.1 John Allen Hancock (1780-)
| | | 1.2.2b.2 Benjamin Hancock (1782-1860)
| | | 1.2.2b.3 Field Allen Hancock (1793-1876)
| | | 1.2.2b.4 Lucinda Hancock (1795-)
| | | 1.2.2b.5 Frances Hancock (1797-)
| | | 1.2.2b.6 Sophia Hancock (1799-1828)
| | 1.2.3 Field Allen Duncan (1755-) & Jane Scruggs 
| | | Nancy L. Duncan (1808-)
| | 1.2.4 Fleming Willis Duncan (1758-1837) & Martha Scruggs 
| | |  John "Joshua" Duncan  & Mahala 
| | | Edwin M. Duncan (1808-1852) & Aley C Cooper 
| | 1.2.5 Nancy Duncan (1760-) & Pleasant Sanders 
| | 1.2.6 George Duncan Jr. (1762-1782) & Mary 
| | 1.2.7 Mary Fleming "Mollie" Duncan (1772-1862) & Zacharias/Zachariah Tilman (1769-1853)
| | | Thomas Willis Tilman (1783-1870) & Teresa Morris (1806-1881)
| | | William Tilman* (1794-1851) & Celia Martin 
| | | William Tilman* (1794-1851) & Agnes Yates 
| | | Ann "Nancy" H. Tilman (1796-1843) & David A. Woodward 
| | | Zachariah Tilman Jr. (1798-1853)
| | | John C. Tilman (1804-1853) & Mary S. (Snead) "Polley" Kidd (1807-1832)
| | | Hannah Winston "Annie" Tilman (1809-1913) & Samuel Henry Kidd (1798-1877)
| | | Hugh Rice Tilman (1811-1851) & Ann P. Kidd (1809-1860)
| | | Jacob Morris Tilman (1816-1896) & Mildred G. Morris (1821-1864)
| | | Samuel Coul Tilman (1817-1864) & Mary Page Stratton (1822-)
| | | Mildred "Polly" Tilman (1820-1853) & Powell L. Morris 
| | 1.2.8 Tandy Patterson Duncan (1778-1839) & Susannah Perkins 
| 1.3 Claiborne Duncan 
| 1.4 Elizabeth Duncan  & Campbell Goode 
| 1.5 Charles Duncan 
| 1.6 Nancy Duncan  & Washington Camden 
| 1.7 Lavenia "Viney" Duncan  & William Sale 
| 1.8 Wiatt Duncan  & Polly Goodrich 
| 1.9 Wortley Duncan 
| 1.10 Polly Duncan  & William Camben 
| 1.11 John D. Duncan  & Jane Hall 
| | 1.11.1 Viney Duncan 
| | 1.11.2 Spicey Duncan 
| | 1.11.3 George Duncan Rev. (1758-1838) & Elizabeth Phillips (1770-1850)
| | | John Duncan (1791-1859)
| | | George Duncan (1792-) & Martha Scruggs 
| | | Fleming Duncan (1794-1877) & Sarah Elizabeth Duncan 
| | | Lisa Vina Duncan (1796-)
| | | Lievina Lent Duncan (1799-1836) & Nathaniel Vest 
| | | Sally Duncan (1801-)
| | | Ginny Duncan (1803-)
| | | Elizabeth Duncan (1806-)
| | | Polly Duncan (1807-1810)
| | | Polly Duncan (1810-)
| | 1.11.4 Claiborne Duncan 
| | 1.11.5 Fleming Duncan 
| | 1.11.6 Elizabeth Duncan 
| | 1.11.7 Charles Duncan 
| | 1.11.8 Nancy Duncan 
| | 1.11.9 Vina Duncan 
| 1.12 Spicey Duncan 
| 1.13 Patsy Duncan 
| 1.14 Elizabeth Duncan 

Duncans of Albemarle Co., Virginia

We know that John and George Duncans are bothers and married the daughters of Richard Hall.

George's Notes:
MARR: Found in the "Diary of Robert Rose"

TAX: Heads of Families of Fluvanna Co. Virginia; 8 whites and 14 blacks.

BIRTH: near Glasgow, Scotland

MIL: Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War, by J.T. McAllister p.202 Captain, sworn in on September 4, 1777. He was capt. of the Fluvanna Co. Militia in the Rev. War and also fought in French and Indian Wars. Other writings indicate he was somewhat well-known for his military service.

FLUVANNA CO. COURT RECORDS, 1780-1781; Publick Claims; p.3, George Duncan 260# beef cert. by Thomas Napier DC 3Dec. 1781 L2-3-4.

WILL: dated July 21, 1778, pro. Nov 6, 1783, Fluvanna Co. VA From Abstacts of Fluvanna Co., Virginia Wills, (p. 111, from Will Book 1) by Rev. B.L. Ancell D. D.

George Duncan wrote that "all the debts that shall be due from my Estate at my Death, I order and direct the said Ann Duncan, my wife to pay out of that part of the Estate I leave her during her natural life."

DEED: Fluvanna Co. Deed Book, p. 109; 8 Sep 1778; Between John Howard and his wife Kathren to Geo. Duncan said land near the Hardware River.

BIO: According to "Hopkins of Virginia and Related Families" p. 131; George Duncan moved from Scotland to Albemarle Co. VA about the middle of the 18th century. George Duncan was born in 1730, died in 1783 in Henry Co., Virginia. He was a Captain in the Fluvanna Militia during the Revolutionary War, being sworn in as Captain on Sept. 4, 1777.

WILL: I George Duncan of the county of Fluvanna considering the uncentainty of this mortal life and being of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be the Almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will an testement in manner and form following that is to say I and my dear beloved wife Ann Duncan, the plantation whereon I live all the stock of Hogs, Cattle, Sheep, Horses, &c thereon and four Negros Viz, Charles, Punch, Phillis and Nell with their incease during her natural life. I likewise lend her all my household an Kitchen Furniture during her natural Life. I also give her what money and crop shall be in my prossession at my Death, which is to be at the disposal of the Executors. And all the debts that shall be due from my Estate at my death. I order and direct the said Ann Duncan my wife to pay out of that part of the Estate, I have her owning her natural life. Item, I gave and bequeath to my son John Duncan and negro Winch named Tener, with her increase forever. Item, I give an bequeath to my daughter Celia Hancock, the sum of twenty shillings (I gave her part of the Estate when she was first married). Item, I gave and devise to my son Field Allen Duncan, a negro winch named Agg and her daughter Cealor with their increase forever---- Item, I leave and bequeath to my son Fleming Willis Duncan, a negro winch maned Cloe with her increase forever. Item, I give and devise to my daughter Nancy, a nergo girl named Sarah and a boy named Milford, with their increase forever. Item, In leave and devise to my son George Duncan, a negro boy named Serpio and all the land I hold on the Hardware River and adhoining thereto also all my household and Kitchen Furniture after the death of my wife to him and his heirs forever. Item, I leave and bequeath to my daughter, Mooly Fleming Duncan, a negro girl named abby with her increase forever. Item, I give and devise to my son Tandy Patterson Duncan a negro girl name Peg and a boy named Step to him and his heirs forever. Lastly my will and devise is that after the deceased of my wife all the Negros I lend to be equally divided amony my Sons, provided neither of them loose to Negros given them, in that can whichever son of Sons shall loose the Negros given him or them, shall make Choice of one of the Negros I have lent my wife at her death and the overplus equally divided among my Children, my will and devise is that none of my sons shall possess their Estate before they arrive at the age of twenty one years. But shall be under the Government of their Guardians. If either of my sons should dye without an heir it is my desire that their Estate shall be equally divided amony their surving Brothers. Lastly I do, hereby constitute my friend JOHN SCOTT and my son Field Allen Duncan Execestors of this my last Will and Testement and my loving wife Ann Duncan and John Scott Guardian to my children in their minority. In witness whereof I have here unto put my hand and Seal this twenty first day of July one thousand seven hundred and eighty three years. Signed, Sealed, Published & Declared by the above named George Duncan to be his last Will & Testament in presence of us who have here unto Subscribed our names in presence of the Testator. George Duncan (seal) p.62

At a court held for Fluvanna Co. the sixth day of November 1783. This writing was this day presented in Court & Proved to be the last Will and Testament of George Duncan deceased by the oath of Martin Davonport & Thomas Dawson two of the Witness thereto of John Scott one of the Executors therein named who madw oath there to and intered into Bond with William Oglesby, Gent., his Security in the penatly of four thousand pounds, Conditioned as the Low court, Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. p. 334 In Obedience with an order of the County Court of Fluvanna bearing date Jan. 1808, we have proceeded to appraise the personnal estate of George Duncan, deceased thereas by Zachariah Tilman, the administrator as following to we --- p. 336 One Negro named Punch; One black mare now in the prosession of Field A. Duncan said to have been given by his mother to his daughter Nancy L. Duncan. Given under our hand this 10th day of Jan. 1808. At a Court held for Fluvanna Co. on the 22 day of Feb. 1808. This Inventory and Appaisal of the Estate of George Duncan dec'd was this day returned and ordered to be recorded. Teste, John Timberlake

BIO: Diary of Robert Rose: Jan 26 1750/1 married George Duncan and Anne Hall of Albemarle Co. at the home of William CABELL's "Warminster". Married at Ballenger's Creek church was cancel due to snow. George Duncan, who probably was a kinman of Martin Duncan, an indentured servant of Cabell Martin was married to Mary, also an indentured servant of William Cabell. George Duncan's will was proved in Fairfax Co. in 1784. Ann Hall was a daughter of Richard and Ann Hall. Hall's will naming his wife, a son and four daughters, discloses that his daughter Jane Hall married John Duncan. Snow prevented Rose's attendance at the new Ballenger's Creek Church. William Cabell was a Physician.

Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots: Volume 1 DUNCAN George Nr Hardware River, Fluvanna Co VA 73 Veterans and patriots of the Revolutionary War whose graves were found between 1900 and 1987. The number at the end of the line is the reporting year. For example, "45" indicates the grave was located between April 1, 1944 and April 1, 1945.

John Duncan Notes:
MIL: American Rev. Private in Virginia.

TAX: Heads of Families; Fluvanna Co. Virginia, 1782; John Duncan 6 whites and 1 black.

DEED: Fluvanna Co. Deed Book 3 p. 360: 19 Oct 1780, John Duncan of Fluvanna sold land to William Henry of Fluvanna for 1000lbs of Curr't money. Land on both sides of the Main Rd. about mile above the Hardware River joining lands of Richard Hall. and John Moore. About 200 arces. Witnesses; George Duncan, Thomas Tindall and John Tindall.

Middles inital was from his son George Mil. records in which he stated that he was the son of John D. Duncan of Albemarles Co., Va .

Scotch Irish Settlements by L. Chalkney shows the heirs of John (p. 158, 159, 266, 267) in a case over some land that was to go from Samuel Ayres to the children of his wife Rachel by her first marriage to William Morrison, if he and Rachel had no children. They did not but his will read differently.

Martin Duncan:
Annotations from "The Diary of Robert Rose" p. 245 Martin Duncan and his wife Mary were indentured servants of William Cabell. In 1741, Cabell brought a sixteen-gallon still from England for use at Warminster. Settler purchased "muscovy sugar" (unrefined brown sugar) from the West Indies, or made their own sugar. Robert Beverley, in 1705, described some of the process which began by "wounding the trunk of the tree and placing a receiver under the wound". The sap collected was boiled, and the reduced syrup ran into molds to form cakes.

Virginia Wills - 1621 -1800; Martin Duncan, Albemarle Co., Virginia, 1751 (inventory).

William Duncan:
Source: Recorded in Amherst, 3d May, 1784 (William, son of John Duncan, deceased.) Answer by Charles Duncan.

More Notes:
SOURCES: Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Vol 2, by Lyman Chalkby

WILL: Stuart vs. Duncan O.S. 192; N.S. 68-Deed 6th. June 1774, Amherst Co., Virginia.

MIL: Rev. War

REF: Compenduim of American Genealogy Vol. V, p. 615

*A Rev. William Duncan b. in Perthshire, Scotland Jan. 7, 1630. He fell a martyr during the religious troubles that afflicted Scotland at the time of Charles II was restored to the throne of ancestors.

Rev. William Duncan had a grandson, William Duncan, b. April 19, 1690 and settled in colony Virginia in 1719. He was married to Ruth Tawley, Feb. 11, 1722.

Duncan and Fleming Marriages found.

John Duncan m. Isabell Fleming, 30 Sept. 1671, Cargill, Perth, Scotland.
John Duncan m. Rachel Fleeming, 13 Dec 1763, Alva, Stirling, Scotland
John Duncan m. Margaret Fleming, 7 July 1727, Delkeith or Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland.


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