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The Germans:

The following is a Genealogical History of the descendents of: Joshua and Catherine German.

David and Mary Isler German.

Children of David and Mary Isler German.

Children of Clerance Albert and Bertha Allmon German.


The Early Years, A Transistion, and a Parting:
The Early Years Continued:
German family early History:
The Migration:
David German:
Children of David and Mary Isler German:
Children of Clarence Albert and Bertha Allmon German:
The German Family Descendents of Later Years:
Children of Harlan F. and Berniece M. German:


Three men who are believed to have been brothers, their ethunic and cultural background, and the descendants of each have have been a subject of research for several years. Results have been rewarding at times and often frustrating, but genealogical fever is incureable.

A large amount of Maryland data has been secured by correspondence with other descentants of our common ancestors.

I have searched the records at the Maryland Hall of Records in Annapolis; land, marriage and estate records at the Franklin County Court House in Columbus, Ohio; tax lists, cemetary records, and historical biographies at the Ohio State Library and the Ohio State Archives, both in Columbus; court house records in Fountain, Tippecanoe, and Warren Counties in Indiana, the iriquois County, illinois, and Ellisworth County. Kansas; numerous census records from many areas of the United States; and family Bible records. I have visited many cemetaries in Maryland, Franklin County, Ohio; Fountain and Warren Counties, Indiana; Iriquois County, Illinois, and various places in Kansas.

All the data herein set forth has been documented in some manner unless otherwise noted. I hope that with time and additional research it can be completed, expanded, and greatly improved. In the meantime, i hope it will be helpful.

Avis German

Charles D. German
1104 West 9th
Hutchinson, KS 67501
United States

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