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Children of Clarence Albert and Bertha Allmon German

Gladys Born April 5, 1901, Died September 18, 1988 Was married to Harold Thomas Bales, Deceased;

Clarence A. Born February 9, 1903. Died Frbruary 21, 1996 Married to Velma German, Deceased. They are buried at Arlington, Ks. Cemetary.

Loy E. Born March 7, 1905. Died December 27, 1989. Married to Wilma Neidhardt, Deceased. They are burried at Kingman, Ks. Cemetary.

Royal A. Born March 8, 1907. Died November 12, 1978. Married to Mary L. German, Deceased.

Harlan F. Born September 26,1910. Died November 11. 1983. Married to Berniece M. Cornwell. Harlan is buried at Fairlawn Cemetary Hutchinson, Ks.

Bertha Avis Born February 1, 1919. Single

Vera M. Born September 13, 1921. Married to Marshall Griffith

Carol E. Born August 24, 1923. Married to Leon Cline