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Pro-Rally Racing - What is it????

Pro-Rally racing is an all out, fast as you can go, cross country race.  The course is kept secret and no practicing is allowed.   The navigator reads route instructions to the driver as they race through the woods.  The races take place in every type of condition imaginable. from the blinding dust of summer to the glare ice of winter.  The teams face rocks, mud, snow, dust and even darkness on serpentine forest roads as they drive flat-out in an attempt to turn in the fastest time possible.  The sport of Pro-Rally makes incredible demands on both cars and teams.  A typical rally will last 6 to 36 hours and cover 200 to 600 miles.  Just to finish a Pro-Rally event is an accomplishment!

A Pro-Rally is divided into two parts called Special Stages and Transit Zones.  The Special Stages are where the real competition takes place.  A Special Stage is closed to all outside traffic.   One at a time, at one minute intervals, rally cars race down the Special Stages.  From a timed start to a timed finished, the cars race against the clock, one another and the elements.  The team receives a point for each second that it takes to complete the Special stage.  At the end of the race, the team with the lowest point total wins.  When the cars finish a Special Stage, they enter a Transit Zone.  Transit Zones are public roads traversed at normal speeds and often include time for vehicle maintenance at pre-arranged service areas.

Each rally team is made up of a Driver, Navigator and a Service Crew.  The Driver's job is to direct the car down the stage as fast as possible.  The Navigators job is to guide the driver along the rally course using  route instructions, electronic measuring and timing equipment.  The Service Crew has its own course to follow, which takes them from service area to service area.  Once at the service area, the crew unloads equipment and gets ready to service the rally car.  When the rally car arrives, the crew may have only a few short minutes to repair any damage and prepare the car for the upcoming Special Stages.

To learn more about Pro Rally racing and the Sports Car Club of America please visit SCCA Amateur Competition - PRO Rally.


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