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Awards I've Received


A special thank you to all who have honored me with their awards. It's a privilege to be able to place your awards on my page. Thank you. *smiles*

The True Style Award
Received June 8, 1998


Family Sites Award

Received June 30, 1998


Abigailīs Super Award

Received July 3, 1998


Devie's Heavenly Site Award

Received July 7, 1998


Vickey's Great Web Site Award

Received July 12, 1998


Nicholas' Award of Excellence

Received July 13, 1998


Heart Touching Site Award

Received July 13, 1998


Cyndy's Award of Excellence

Received July 13, 1998


Bobby's Award of Excellence

Received July 13, 1998


Marc's AWWW! Award

Received July 13, 1998


Pooh's Award of Excellence

Received July 13, 1998


WPG Gold Site

Received July 14, 1998


Cyber-Teddy's Top 500 Web Site

Received July 14, 1998

Best of the Web '98' Bronze Award
Received July 19, 1998


Lady Care's Award of Kindness

Received July 30, 1998


Excellence in Design

Received July 31, 1998


Originality and Design Award presented by Wallace World to Heather

Received August 1, 1998


presented by Our Garden Path for an outstanding Web-Site

Received August 1, 1998


Angel Award, 1998

Received August 3, 1998


Award of Excellence: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness

Received August 3, 1998


Friendship Award of Excellence

Received August 3, 1998


Amanda's Art Award

Received August 4, 1998


Heather's Award of Creativity

Received August 6, 1998


The Godmother Rose Award Of Beauty Depicted In Poetry, To: Heather's Poetry and Thoughts

Received August 8, 1998


Design Award

Received August 11, 1998


Stephanie LOVES your homepage

Received August 15, 1998


Soft Touch Award

Received August 22, 1998


Graphics, other than awards were created by me. Please do not steal them.*smiles*

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