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bear   bear


  In Memory of Nanny
  I met a loving person one day
  who touched my life in a special way
  Quietly I sat and listened to her
  Residing in her I know was our Savior.
  Serenely she watched each and everyone there.
  Showing everyone how much she cared.
  Silently I rested my head on her shoulder
  and just enjoyed the beauty of one who was older
  Now there is an empty place inside
  where loving memories of her reside.


bear   bear

  Memory of a Friend
  I came to you when you were alone
  and sang to you of one on His throne.
  Your face lit up with a smile
  making me want to stay a long, long while.
  Soon I heard your small, soft voice
  and together in our God we rejoiced.
  Your tired face perked up
  as our songs lifted your spirits up.
  No one noticed the gray in your hair
  as together we shared the love of God who cares.
  Age-wise, we’re years apart
  but we share the same love in our hearts.
  You offered me words of wisdom
  In your face I saw God’s kingdom.
  Gently you hugged me goodbye;
  it was so hard not to cry.
  Your hand slipped slowly away
  as you left me that noon day.
  You had years of hurt and worry
  as you struggled to give God glory.
  Yet you always said, “Remember the good times not the bad;
  try to be happy instead of sad.”
  My heart feels as if it may break
  but, I must be happy for your sake.
  I’ll try to be glad
  as the Comforter walks with me hand-in-hand.
  I know one day we’ll meet again
  In that most glorious place…heaven.
  Till then I’ll miss you
  dear friend whom I knew.

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© May, 1998--Heather Dozier

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