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For the Vets

To all unseeing eyes
That person standing
on that corner there
is just another guy.

He’s dressed comparably
to you and me, although
maybe more impressively
Or more in moderate simplicity.

But if you stop and try to glimpse
Beyond the mask, into his heart
You’ll find a hero my friend
Who’s not devoid of tenderness.

And for who they are to me
There is no rule or definition
Simply love,
and gently understand.

Because, through the good and bad
They’ve lived on
And overcome
and tried to understand

While being misunderstood
And shown little respect
They kept on and attempted
To show others they could

They could care to cope
They could live and laugh
They could smile with love
They could hope for peace

And they would dream to achieve
They could keep going on...
Through darkness to a light beyond
a world where they could still believe.

So take the time...please
To stop, listen and see
the special heroes
all around you and me.



A special thank you to Steve Jones for his feedback and suggestions for improving this poem.*smiles*
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©May, 1998­­--Heather Dozier

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