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  Take a break
  from your day
  to soar upon the wind.
  drift freely,
  enjoying what you see.
  your worries
  will begin to
  float away.
  Until, at last
  you feel at peace
  as you soar
  on eagles wings.

bear   bear
  The Garden in My Heart
  Within my heart there lies
  a garden of peace
  and rest and love.
  The soft and calming peace
  is enriched
  by the gentle breath of God.
  The soothing and tranquil rest
  is enriched
  by the compassionate words of God.
  The warm and merciful love
  is enriched
  by the tender hands of God.
  The garden in my heart
  lives and grows
  by the saving grace of God.

bear   bear

  Tapestry of God's Love
  The gloriousness
  in the tapestry
  of God's love
  is in the scene
  of beauty
  sparkling on
  the wonder
  of life.
  The softness
  in the thread
  of God's love
  is in the wisps
  of clouds
  floating on
  the breath
  of the wind.
  The colorful array
  in the thread
  of God's love
  is in the arc
  of a rainbow
  twinkling on
  the tears
  of the rain.
  The strength
  in the thread
  of God's love
  is in the roots
  of a tree
  nourishing on
  the light
  of the sun.
  The peacefulness
  of design in the thread
  of God's love
  is in the murmur
  of water
  trickling on
  the pebbles
  of a stream.
  The splendor
  in the tapestry
  of God's love
  is found in the life
  of the Son
  rejoiceing on
  the Word
  of the Lord.

bear   bear

  Don't Give Up
  Today I thought of you
  knowing you're sad and confused
  You wonder how can you believe;
  you feel you have every problem conceived.
  You hide behind your mask
  wishing this wouldn't last.
  But don't give up, don't give in
  The blessings will come pouring in.
  You're obviously doing something right
  For the enemy to be attacking with all his might.
  Remember, God will never leave or forsake you
  He wants to comfort and encourage you.
  God is greater than this enemy
  All your trials are just temporary.
  I may not know what you're going through
  But I hate to see you feel so blue.
  Sometimes when people offer comfort,
  their words of encouragement don't always work.
  You feel as if no one understands or cares
  but, we do and you are in our prayers.
  Pain doesn't have to stay with you for years
  Why not let God wipe away your tears?
  We all feel weak and scared at times;
  don't let your heart be filled with this grime.
  Stand up, take charge, draw the line!
  Don't lose the love of God which through you shines.
  The enemy will do his best
  to make you like life less and less.
  But guess what! He's on the losing team
  Life's not nearly as bad as it seems.
  Life is what you allow it to be
  so why not make the enemy flee?
  Don't be consumed by darkness
  Instead be full of joyfulness.
  You see, God made you who you are
  He's always near, never far.
  Awaken and realize the power within you
  Let God make your life fresh and new

bear   bear

  I Knew Your Pain
  I saw you all alone,
  as if your heart was broken.
  People teased you,
  hurt you,
  used you
  and despised you.
  I knew your pain
  and I cried with you.
  You gave out love
  and in return got hate
  And for joy
  you received sorrow.
  I opened my arms
  with love and held you gently
  as your tears slowly fell.
  I knew your pain
  and I cried with you.
  Slowly your sobs subsided
  and you felt a sense of peace.
  You smiled at me and thanked me.
  But, then I had to leave.
  I carried your sins and burdens
  to Calvary where I gave my life
  so that you could live.
  You couldn't know my pain
  but you loved me and cried with me.


bear   bear

  My Faith
  My faith,
  is like a summer day.
  As a plant grows stronger from the sun
  So also do I grow stronger in the Son.
  Of course there are times,
  when winter comes and tries,
  to steal a little bit away.
  And then my faith,
  seems to become colder,
  and weaker
  as it begins to fade,
  until almost gone away.
  Yet, if His Word
  I strive to learn,
  and won't give in
  to the enemy's demands,
  then once again,
  I feel God's gentle hand
  as He continues to stand by me,
  watering me,
  with a love, that is awesome
  and encourages, my faith to blossom.

bear   bear
  I Call On Him
  Today as in every other day
  life's trials and tribulations came my way.
  However guess what! They just couldn't stay,
  I wouldn't let them ruin my day.
  Worries, fears, depression and more
  tried to come in through the door.
  But, no, I wouldn't let them in
  I stood instead and laughed at them.
  For the things of the world can't harm me at all
  Because, a power's within me that's big, not small.
  When things start to bring me down
  I call on Him, who turned my life around.
  Jesus died on a cross for me
  He took my burdens and set me free.
  So now I rest in God's love and peace
  and thank Him for His saving grace.

bear   bear
  With tears streaming down my face
I run into my Father's embrace
where He keeps me safe from harm
as gently He rocks me in His arms.
The pain and hurt fade away
as I continue to give Him praise.
Now, as I take my leave
I am filled with a sense of peace.

bear   bear

  One starry night
  a shower of light
  began to fill
  the dark sky
  seeming to offer
  a new chance at life.
  At first it brought fear
  of its power and might
  Then there was peace
  and sugar sweet tears
  as the pain and the sorrows
  held in over the years
  melted away
  as God’s tender love
  began to be shown
  in the life of a child
  God’s only Son.
  This was a beginning
  not just for the child
  as a babe in mother’s arms
  but ‘twas a beginning
  for me, so small and so mild
  as I knelt down in prayer
  and gave God
  my life
  erasing the
  darkened shadows
  hiding my heart.
  Now I was blessed
  not only to give of myself
  but to receive
  the best gift of all,
  the Lord Jesus Christ.


bear   bear

  As the sun fades slowly out of sight
  I am reminded of God’s caring light.
  The pinks and purples of the sky as it fades into night
  make me think of stars that twinkle bright
  and about everything He’s made I ask him why.
  He answers, "Why dear child it’s because I love you so
  I do everything I can for you. Don’t you know?
  The warm gentle breeze
  and huge oak trees
  The grass so green
  and air unseen
  The tiny grains of sand
  and mountain clad land
  The birds and the bees
  and the sparkling seas
  The sun, the earth, the moon,
  all created for you.
  Yes, they’re there my child for you
  So you’ll remember, I never forsake you

bear   bear

  The love which Christ has taught
  is that no life is for nought
  in fact each special life He bought
  by dying on the wooden cross.


bear   bear

  and sorrow
  came knocking
  at my door
  Not thinking
  what might be in store
  I went to let them in.
  Before I knew it
  they began
  to take over
  seeming to want
  to kick me out
  of my house
  of joy
  to put me in
  the streets
  of despair.
  But, before
  they could get
  any further
  came knocking
  at my door,
  and this time
  it was Love
  whom I gladly
  invited in.
  He mentioned
  His disappointment
  in my choice
  to let worries in,
  but that was the last
  I heard of it,
  because when I asked
  Him to forgive
  He gladly did agree
  And instantly Love
  began to wash away
  the doubt and worry
  that had entered
  earlier in the day.
  My walls were washed clean,
  not a crimson stain
  was found,
  instead there stood
  pure white
  as snow
  in the blood
  of the Lamb.

bear   bear

  As the blackened coals of worry
  seek my joy to bury
  I hear the powerful
  and reassuring call
  from One who treasures
  our time together.
  “Oh precious child of mine
  do you have a little bit of time?
  I miss your smile.
  Please…come rest awhile.
  Your burdens give to me;
  I will carry them gladly.”
  What love, and warmth and care
  someone must have said a prayer.
  For there gently falls a heavenly light
  making me feel warm and bright.
  His every word and thoughtful action
  speak of One filled with compassion.
  He says He will never leave or forsake me
  He has made me feel so happy.
  I gaze at him in awesome wonder
  What love, might, and splendor!
  He loves me so
  this I know.
  He tells me in the gentle breeze,
  and in the sparkling, deep blue seas,
  The starlit sky,
  and mountains high,
  This beauty of creation
  fills me with adoration.
  While speaking of love
  from God above.
  Lord, help me, come what may
  to know that you’re in me to stay.
  My Lord, My God, My King
  You are the Master of Everything!
  Thank you for being there
  and showing me how much you care.


bear   bear
  My Guiding Light
  With all lights burnt out ‘twas dark as night,
  but God was there as my guiding Light.
  We walked along together I know
  For in everything His love for me did show.
  His love for me shines as bright as stars in the sky
  and is as soft as the clouds which float gently by.
  His guiding hand is leading me onward
  carefull, gently, with every step forward.
  Though the winds blow with a force that is strong
  He’s holding me steady as we walk along.
  When I start to feel alone and scared
  He reaches out to show He’s there.
  As quietly we walk along
  I’m filled with such a joyful song.
  He’s always with me
  guiding me, watching me.
  In everything I do
  the Lord is helping me through.


bear   bear
  Dear friends,
  I just wanted to say,
  Thanks for trying to brighten my day.
  Sorry I haven’t been more cheerful,
  but since September I’ve been doleful.
  A whole lot has been going on
  and it’s hard to sing a joyful song.
  Even my smiles had left me,
  Where oh where could they be?
  I felt as if I believed in my head,
  that God would be there through the end.
  Yet, I felt as if my heart was dead
  to what my head had said.
  I felt myself giving in and giving up—
  my life…shattered like a porcelain cup
  My life no more could I bear,
  so, I cried out in utter despair.
  When I was feeling so down,
  God gave me a nudge to look around.
  I saw the rainbow’s reds, oranges and blues
  They were such stunning, heavenly hues.
  I saw a sparrow singing gaily
  such a sweet and joyful melody.
  I felt the gentle, whispering breeze,
  as it danced softly through the trees.
  I heard the pitter patter of gentle rain
  and watched it bring back life again.
  Oh what a heavenly touch.
  God loves us so very much.
  He lifted me when I was down—
  made me smile, instead of frown.
  Then he blessed me with a friend
  whom I could talk to with no end.
  You are such a dear friend
  I hope this friendship lasts through the end.
  Thanks for cheering me when I was blue
  May Our God of Love Bless You!!


bear   bear
  Friendship is a gentle word or action
  A heart that’s filled with compassion
  A friend to go to when you’re blue
  Someone with whom you can just be you
  Share a hug to show you care
  or lift your voice in praise or prayer
  A kind word or two
  can increase the bond between both of you
  Share your thoughts, your feelings
  Have no worries or misgivings
  A friend is there to comfort and encourage
  to help you build your faith and courage.
  A friend is a blessing from God above
  A friend is a giving tree of love
  Their loves is gentle as butterfly kisses
  they’re here to help you with the dishes!
  Wishful smiles, bitter tears
  Friends stay with you through the years
  Gentle whispers, heavenly touch
  A friend loves you so very much.

bear   bear

Step out in faith
And walk the line
God is calling
Now’s the time

You question, you wonder
Is this right
In faith believe it
Don’t lose sight

God’s dreams are best
You’ll be blessed and you’ll grow
Manifesting God’s glory
To friends and to foes

You’ll reap what you sow
So plant Godly substance
Follow His leading
And walk in abundance


bear   bear

Lives in despair
Hearts crying out
Find someone who cares
Whose Light won’t go out

Then a cry deep within us
Leaps out in full force
Have mercy my Father
You’re our greatest source

You are the One
Who stands above all
Offering your Son
Redemption for all

“Put the flesh under
and walk in My ways
Then you will not blunder
In these last days

You’re a gift that’s unique
That needs to be shared
Come out, take a peek
As others have dared

The time it is now
The place it is here
Don’t worry about how
Let go of the fear

As you walk in the Spirit
Manifesting God’s glory
Others will see it
A God-given story

So unwrap the gifts
And let the Light shine
It’s time to mend rifts
And make God sublime.


bear   bear
Lord purify, cleanse me…I want to be clean
Portraying God’s glory as yet unseen

Take away jealousy, pride and hate
Test me, try me strengthen my faith

Help me draw close
When I need you the most

Let your face be all that I seek
When I feel strong or increasingly weak

For Lord, it is in You not in man
That love is fulfilled in the Master’s plan

Purge me…cleanse me…make me your own
Let the Word flourish...every seed that’s been sown

Teach me…show me the desires of your heart
So others will see you and want to take part

In all that I do and in all that I say
I want to be Christ-like in every way

Help me remember the importance of prayer
That’s where I’ll find you, You’re always there

Ready with love, with grace and with peace
You respond to your child’s every need

Lord I desire to be righteous and pure
Overcoming each test, each trial and fear

So, Lord I thank you for all that you do
Help me to be a blessing to you.


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© May, 1998--Heather Dozier

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