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Sunrises and Sunsets

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A brisk, cool air frisks at the feet of a sleepy early morning walker. The stars sparkle in laughter as they tickle the sun in hopes it will soon burst forth in sunny merriment. Then at last the drowsy night will fade into light, cheerfully heading off for a nap as the quiet stillness is replaced by the jubilant chirping of a silvery sweet choir of birds.



The sunrise was beautiful this morning. The bottoms of gray clouds were slowly changing color as if an artist had at first sketched an early morning gray, but then decided that this color did not do justice to the dawning beauty; so, the painter began to piant in soft tones of pink with a clear and fiery sun rising just beneath the lacey clouds.



It is early morning and as I am heading to school on the bus I see the moon pass by a skylight of midnight blue leaving in its wake a sky of silvery blue. It's so beautiful, now, early in the day before the sun has risen and the moon has faded out of sight.

Now, a fire is stirring behind the clouds, slowly turning them to kindle. Suddenly, the flames have grown, bursting into a bonfire. Then, slowly it burns away, leaving behind pink and gold nothingness.

Then the birds awake and quietly begin their morning voice exercises. Their voices gain strength as they sing in gaiety as the remaining blush of sunrise stains the sky.



The sun has begun it's descent as I board the bus to head home. A bright orange fiery glow lights the sky. As the flames climb higher they turn bright pink and then are lost in clouds the color of smoke. Just above this smoky layer the radiant pink outlines a thin strand above the clouds and is dark gray. The bus turns a corner and the sunset vanishes from my sight and all I see are the graying tones of nightfall.



Exhausted, from getting no sleep, I glance out the window through weary eyes...and...what is it that meets my unsuspecting gaze....It is a kaleidoscope of midnight blue sky, silver swirls of clouds and a handful of glittering stars. Turn the knob and watch it change.

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© May, 1998--Heather Dozier

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