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You Control the Sound!

The Greeting!

Eric, is that really you?

Soldier #2. "35th regiment of Foot"

Well, hello Sharon!

Eric officially greets Lynn

The Gang Meets, and are hungry!!


"MO" Food!


Back at the BunkHouse!

I'll drink to that!

Wonder Who this belongs to? ROZ!

Marcia found her man, No not John!

WOW, Look at all the neat stuff!

Lynn says, I read it in the Enquirer!

John and Chris compairing notes?

Eric explains all the neat stuff..

Even More neat stuff!!

Loads of neat stuff!!

Checking out the script!

More script checkers!!


We're Here!

The Rock?

Ready to Climb?

Getting Ready..

Donna, Wow! Long climb!

The Top of the Falls..

The Path..

In your ear Lynn

Thanks Rich and Elaine, Great Job!!

Glenn & Lynn

From the Lynn and Glenn Collection!
We would like to Thank everyone who put so much work and effort into making this a very memorable weekend! Can't wait till next year!!
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Created by Glenn

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Some Pictures from the 1999 Gathering