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Hello, My name is Mark and I am a Christian in Recovery!

I have found some Gospels that I find very comforting.
The Gospel of Thomas is a translation from recently found Scriptures that contains some very profound words of Jesus.
The Infancy Gospel of Thomas is the record of the
childhood of Jesus that few people know of.
There are some pages that are about recovery in A.A. & Al-Anon. God keeps me sober and I stay that way through prayers, so I have a page of Prayers, Poetry and Stories to warm your heart.
I also have some indexes of java & shockwave games. Please browse around my pages and enjoy the sights and the Midi sounds! To help those with problems or questions I have a Message Board for all!
Do you have a friend that could use a spiritual lift?
Send a Pick-Me-Up to a friend in Christ!

A few years ago I was in the Cincinnati Enquirer.
My niece Carrie honored me with a poem about
what she thinks of me!
After over 7 years the Pierce family finally all met
except for one brother who is in the Navy!

I have a very special friend in the Lord, Ferne and I
have walked through the past 13+ years together and
although she lives in Tacoma, Washington, she is one of
my closest Christian friends that I have.
Please visit Ferne's Website here.