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Tired of being told like it is?

Still looking for that easier, softer way?

Had enough of that same old time-tested direction?

Then you are ready for:
No Reading!!    No Writing!!    No Deadlines!!
Many models to choose from!!

Standard Features Include

Ĝ       Listening to your sniveling without constant
reference to the steps

Ĝ       Co-signing your excuses and rationalizations.

Ĝ       Working only the steps you want, in the order you choose.

YES, at Rent-A-Sponsor we know how unique you are, and we do understand!

Learn the secret of giving it away before you even get it, in our convenient,

Easy, two-day follow-ups!

Why Walk the Walk when you can simply Talk the Talk?


Remember: Less is More!

Call 1-800-SPONSOR
Act now and get a free copy of the CD, “Staying sober on War Stories Alone”!


Rent-A-Sponsor in downloadable MS .doc form

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