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AA's Grocery Store

As I was walking down life's highway some years ago
I came upon a sign that read AA's grocery store.

When I got a little closer the doors swung open wide
and when I came to, I was standing there inside.

I saw a host of friends, I had not yet met
they came up and welcomed me and I grabbed a shopping basket.

I paused for a moment with a confused stare
While the others were telling me to shop with care.

Everything an alcoholic needed or wanted even more
you could find it in the AA Grocery store.

So I started on my journey and went down isle one
picked up some things that I thought might be fun.

Then picked up a few meetings a realtionship or two
a new town to live in I thought that might do.

But as I was wandering I came upon isle five
there were people shopping there who were happy and alive.

So out of couriosity, I went to see what they had
Big books, sponsors, steps and prayer this is what made them glad?

Action and more action a lot of stuff to do
and a green tag special on service work too.

But I did not want those things that's what my head said
so I quickly turned to another isle that I knew was full of dread.

My cart was full of stuff I thought would make me ok
but if I wanted to be free I had to find another way.

So I turned back very full of fear
went back to isle five and stopped so I could hear.

I finally picked up a sponsor that told me where to go
who gave me a blank sheet of paper and said this is what you know.

Told me to go to meetings and be of service too
took me through the big book and gave me things to do.

I hated all of it it seemed like such a chore
But before I knew it I was sober in isle four.

Where serenity was plentiful God and peace were there too
I suddenly felt better and saw life anew.

I got up to the counter and asked, "how much do I pay"?
I knew that it must be a lot for this new found way.

With a smile they said to me as they put the stuff in a sack
just carry this message to others that's how you pay it back.

Author Unknown

Donated by my special friend Penny!

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