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Dear users of Internet

It's a great pleasure to address you through this wonder media which has rendered the whole mankind as close as a family.

I am speaking from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, one of the populous countries of South-Asia just adjacent to India.

On the occasion of the advent of the new year, I feel pleasure to greet you all living in this great global village called "Earth".

It's a matter of pleasent thrill to communicate to my fellow human beings all over the world.

I am an old man of 77 years. Since my student life the rapid development of science tremendously inspired me. Sciense has revealed to me that the whole Universe is governed by eternal laws. Scientists neither can change any of these law, nor can they add any new one. They can only discover the laws already functioning. When I ponder over the function of my body, I feel the same experience.

This has compelled me to conclude that there is certainly a master mind who is behind this great cosmos. He must be the Creator and sustainer of this huge Universe of which this earth is only a small dot.

Since 1950 this question haunted me that why the Creator of the Universe has not prescribed rules and regulation for human beings to govern their individual life, family life and economic, political social, cultural espacts of life? Everything in the Heaven and Earth bis regulated by the eternal laws. Consequently there si no chaos and disorder in the whole creation.

It is only human beings who are terribly suffering from acute disorder and irregularity. Inspite of possessing the faculty of thought and analysis why mankind is deprived of real peace and tranquillity in all aspects of their life?

During m,y long search for truth I started serious study of a book claimed to be the words of the creator of the universe whom people call by different names like God, Allah, Jehovah etc.

After long study of that holy book, named the Holy Quran, I have been fully convinced that it contains infallible divine guidence for all aspects of human life. I was further inspired to read a book by Dr. Maurice Bucaille of France named "Bible, Quran and Science" in which he has proved that the Holy Quran is words of God.

The Holy Quran has declared that it is the divine code of life ordained for mankind and it has named that code as "Islam" which means peace and tranquillity.

I will through a message to the internet soon named "Islam a rational Ideology" which may appeal to your faculty of reasoning.( The message will be coming very soon !)

I pervently appeal to you as my fellow being to go through that short discourse. With best wishes and regards.


Formarly Professor of Political Science

Author of 59 books and booklets.

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