Mother Erika's First Day of Work Again...

a.k.a.April Fool's Day, April 1, 1999

As early as 7:40 on this rainy day,

Erika brought over Lexa
for us grandparents to babysit.
Mercia fussed over her ...

In the meantime, Greg had also brought over Paul, who proved to be a good help
till she had to go to work herself.

showing his OPA how to undo all the straps and guards in Leksa's complex wobble chair.

Although I did have to walk her around so once in a while and tried to make her take to her bottle, she was very cooperative and fell asleep in front of the TV like a good American kid.

And just when I was about to wrap her up to take Paul to the schoolbus, guess what?

gorgeous suntanned leggy blonde

stepped in claiming to be my daughter - here to reclaim hers!
So I packed up the wobbley chair and drove Paul to the bus-stop while Erika fed Lexa and forgot to make me a sandwich and coffee.
We must do this again sometime soon!

She then went home and a half an hour later, Greg came to bring some nice flowers for Mercia, because this Easter break they're off to the shore.
Hope the weather improves...otherwise, good thing PaulB is learning to play chess so he can beat his dad (to say it in nicer terms than the ones Paul uses himself)!

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