On the Slaugh's Porch

August 22, 1999
Most of these photographs were taken by Erika Slaugh
with the new Olympus D-400 ZOOM Digital Camera.

Click on the thumbnail to get a large photograph,
then use your BACK BUTTON to return.

Lexa-990822n.jpg BLO_EPS_Lexa-990822o.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa-990814k.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822c.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822f.jpg
BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822g.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822h.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822i.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822p.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822q.jpg
BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822r.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822s.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexa_porch-990822t.jpg BLO_PBS_Lexasleepy_porch-990822e.jpg BLO_toplessLexa-990822u.jpg
BLO_toplessLexa-990822v.jpg EPS_PBS_Lex_dog-990822z.jpg Lexa_on_BLOhead-990822k.jpg Lexa_on_porch-99.jpg Lexas_feet-990822.jpg
Try and find the one photo above which was not taken on August 22, 1999.
Hint: look at Lexa's clothes and her right eye.

By the way, aren't her feet cute in the photo next to the above-referred one?!
That was another subtle hint to help you.

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