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Some other keen places to go!

Local Music Scene Links  
The Houston Punk and Ska Band Page:  This is a brand new page dedicated to giving unbiased information on all the punk and ska bands in the Houston area.  By the way, please pay no attention to the Spice Ho's part in the URL.  It was the only area in music left!!  
Houston Music Scene:  This page has a bunch of links to the local bands plus reviews.  One cool page, worth a look.
Texas Ska:  This is a page that has a bunch of links about tons of ska bands all over Texas!  It's worth the visit.  Check it out!
Space City Ska:  This page has a ton of information on ska and the local music scene.  It looks great too!  Be sure to visit it!
The Music Poll:  Matt from O'Doyle Rules has started his own page where you can vote for your favorite bands.
Local Ska Fo' That Ass!:  Check out Evan's page for concert information, show reviews, and pictures.
The H-Town Buffet:  A great page to go to for local news, band links, reviews, and label information.
Space City Rock:  Another great page featuring information on that amazing wonder that is Houston music.
Christine Online:  Since she's the only person who signs the guestbook, we'd thought it'd be nice to link her up.  :)

Local Band Links  
One of the coolest local bands around town.  With a song entitled "Kill OJ Simpson" you can't go wrong!  By the way, they updated all the graphics on their page!  It looks even better than it used to.  
These guys have amazing talent!  Check out their sounds!  
These guys played at the Rembrant's Show.  They've got a really good page so support these guys!  
This band played with the guys at the 17th show at The Abyss.  Check out the keen page.  

Other Music Links  
 The Official MxPx Page:  This is the official page, as opposed to all of the unofficial pages.  
Ghoti Hook:  If you don't know this punk band, you should  
Dance Hall Crashers:  A superior ska side project of Operation Ivy 
Five Iron Frenzy:  A great ska band, plus we wrote a song about the saxaphone player.  She's fine.  And I mean fine 
NOFX:  A page about punkdom's best band.  
No Use For a Name: A great Southern California band!  
Dammit Gavin, Bush Sucks!:  If you hate the butt-rockers Bush as much as we do, take a gander at this page.  You'll enjoy it.  

Other Links  
Kevin Rubio's TROOPS:  This guy made a short film that is a parody of COPS.  Instead of police, it has Stormtroopers instead.  He's putting the entire film up for download.  All of it should be up by 2/27.  The movies are big, but the amazing quality of this film is worth it!  This is a favorite of ours.  There's nothing funnier than flaming Jawas.  
View Askew:  If you're a fan of the Kevin Smith movies (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy), this is the official site.  It's got a ton of artwork and information, plus you can order merchendise.  
Mr. T vs. Fabio:  You MUST go visit this page.  You will laugh your butt right off!  It's got a bunch of graphics on it, so please wait for the entire thing to download.  
POF Too!!:  This guy puts his Star Wars figures in cool poses and situations.  You got to go to this page.  It's one of the funniest pages on the 'net.  

TV Links  
This is the best South Park page.  Lots of news, links, and sounds!  I's updated almost daily!  If you send him information he'll mention your name.