Take yer pick
I just gotta see The Gops!!

   Well, that's just tough! The Gops don't have any tours planned right now. They have played at the P. A. R. C. in Conroe, Tamina Hall in Oak Ridge, Northshore Park in The Woodlands, Wade Road Skate Park in Baytown, Fitzgerald's, and The Abyss in Houston.  This area should be kept under constant supervision.  Since you are begging to see them, check here periodically.   We will update this page as information comes in. 

Coming Soon... 
   Well, nothing.  Most of the band has gone back to school in various cities so there may not be any shows for some time.  But, if anything comes up, we'll be sure to let you know!

Here are the places The Gops have had concerts at:

Skate Park Benefit Concert at Northshore Park at The Woodlands 
    This was The Gops' first concert here Thanksgiving weekend in 1996.  They opened the show which featured a bunch of other bands to help raise money to help get a skate park built in The Woodlands.  For more information on the skate park, try contacting Sam Cole.  
"Teen Night" at the P. A. R. C. in Conroe:  
    The Gops played their next three shows here last spring.  The P. A. R. C. (Performing Arts Rehearsal Center) is a little place in downtown Conroe about the size of a garage that people can rent out and practice or perform at.  They had "Teen Night" one Saturday a month with three to seven bands from high school to college age.  If you're interested in the P. A. R. C. call (409) 539-2460.  
Wade Road Skate Park in Baytown:  
    One time, The Gops were asked to play at Wade Road.   It was a good concert, but Wade Road SUCKS 
Tamina Hall in Oak Ridge:  
    Tamina Hall in Oak Ridge is a place where several punk bands in The Woodlands and Oak Ridge play.  The Gops were lucky enough to be asked to play at a couple of shows during the summer.  Tamina draws a huge crowd every time.  If your interested in playing there, all you have to do is rent it out and advertise it.  
Fitzgerald's and Zelda's in Houston:  
    Fitz's has always been a big music club in Houston.  The Gops got a chance to play there on a Thursday night one time.  If you'd like to try and set up a concert, or see who's playing there, call (713) 862-7580.  
The Abyss in Houston:  
    The Abyss is an old movie theater downtown that was turned into a big music club.  There have been many various bands that have played there, MXPX, Dance Hall Crashers, even GWARThe Gops have had their first big concert here where they headlined the show with PCP, The Murdocks, and The Grims.  This is also where The Gops met Mr. Martinez, a big drunk guy.  Sadly, The Abyss is no longer with us.  It was finally condemned and torn down. 
Rembrant's Coffee on 1960 
    The Gops  played thier first show at Rembrant's with O'Doyle Rules.  It's a little coffee shop on 1960 close to Bookstop and Blockbuster Music.  This is the most fun I've had at a show since the P. A. R. C.  Everyone had fun, and nobody had a bad attitude.  Apparently they have bands on Saturday night frequently.  Support this place.  Head down there and buy some coffee or supthin'.  Oh yeah, last time we were there we got to see some cops pull over a drunk lady and arrest her right in front of us.  It was some good entertainment for ten minutes.